Granny Guide

How to look around
Swipe the screen to change the direction that your character looks in, use this in conjunction with the white dot controller to manager your character's movements.

How to move
This is accomplished by using the white circle on the screen, use it like a joystick to direct your character, use this in conjunction with looking around to move int he direction you want to go it.

How to crouch down
Tap the person icon in the top left corner to crouch down, tap it again to stand up. You can still move while crouched.

How to ick stuff up
Simply tap the hand while you are close to the object.

How to open things
Just like with picking things up, when the hand appears tap it to open up drawers etc...

How to drop things
When you are holding items, there is the word 'drop', tap it at any point to drop the item that you are holding.

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