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How to complete Granny 3

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Granny 3 is the third in the popular set of puzzle / horror games from DVLooper. In this installment you are again locked up in the scary house of granny and need to escape while avoiding the residents. In this game you are faced with Granny and Grandpa again, as well as a new Slenderina character who will pop up to scare you from time to time.

How to complete Granny 3

There are various difficulties to try the game on and each play though will be a little different as the items you need to seek out will be placed randomly around the house each time you start a new game. You can see more about each item in the Item Guide.

The main aims of the game are to lower the drawbridge, which you need a crank handle for. And open the gate which requires power and a fuse to activate the gate machine on the top floor. To get these though you will need to work your way through the entire house investigating each room to find clues and items to help you. All the while staying hidden from Granny and Grandpa. You can check our house guide for information on the rooms and hiding places.

Movements is done by sliding the joystick button on the left. you can swipe around ni the screen to look. You can also crouch by tapping the person icon on the left of the screen. Crouching will make you move slowly by more quietly and let you access small hiding areas.

When you stand next to a bed or couch you will get a prompt to let you hide underneath them. Some tall cupboards can be hidden in as well by moving inside and closing the door.

Locked doors are opened by looking directly at the lock and holding on the lock pick when it appears. This takes a few seconds each time so don't rely on it if you are being chased.

If you have any questions about playing Granny 3 please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


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