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How to navigate Granny's house

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How to navigate Granny's house

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Like the previous Granny games, Granny 3 has you trapped in a large and forbidding house. You will need to find your way around and learn the best places to hide to let you successfully escape.

Below is our guide to the house, where you are likely to find items and how to move from room to room.

Your cell in Granny 3
Your cell in Granny 3


You start in a locked cell. Collect the lock pick from the floor just outside and pick the lock to exit the cell.
There is a room to the left with a locked box on the floor.
There is another locked cell that you can open to check for items on the shelves.

Ground floor

Move up to the hall way, here are several drawer units to check for items.
Small room with a TV and a sofa to hide under, Items may appear here. Weapons locker on the wall, requires weapon key. Contains slingshot.
Front door to the outside.

Kitchen, lots of cupboards and drawers to check for items, dumb waiter lift that you can use to move between rooms (requires power to be on). Barrel of water
Back door to the outside


Drawbridge over the moat to access the gate. Do not step in the moat.
Guillotine - to cut things, when you find the coconut bring it here.
Old car, can open the boot / trunk and look inside the front seat to find items.
Shed (locked) requires shed key, contains generator and other items.
Find stones on the ground for the slingshot.

First floor

Landing - drawer unit to check, piano to check, Stairs to second floor

Small room with a fireplace, bed to hide under, drawer unit to check

Locked door, pick this to move into a corridor.
To the right is large bathroom, find the wall safe on the pillar, needs safe key, cupboard to hide in. Items may appear on the sink.
To the far left is small room with fireplace - you can make fire with firewood and matches.

Dining room. Large table, hole in ceiling to get down from the room above.
Dumb waiter access.
Cupboard at the end to check for items

Second floor

Small room unlocked - drawers unit to check for items, bed to hide under.
Locked door takes you through to a room with a spiral stair case to roof access. Red gate machine, press the button to unlock the exit gate - fuse and power required.
Move through into a corridor, hole in the floor, requires plank to cross
Note - vases hidden on rafters, can be shoot down with slingshot and stones.
Slenderina's room is here but you cannot access it from the second floor.


Up the spiral stairs and out of the broken window.
Be very careful not to fall off the roof as you will end up back in the locked cell with 1 day gone.
2 holes in the roof. 1 to go back into the small room with the bed. The other is to access the large bedroom of Slenderina that you cannot get into via the corridor.
Chimney with birds nest, this usually contains a key. Light the fire place on the second floor to get rid of the bird.
Check around the edges of the roof especially overlooking the old car to see if you can find items below. You can drop down to a lower roof section above the old car.

Slenderina's room

Drop into the room from the roof, but do this very carefully. We recommend crouching and gently moving forward and you can fall and end up hurt and back in the cell with a day gone.
The main room with wheel char, hole in floor and dumb waiter access
To the back is a room with a mannequin and and old crib. Place the teddy here to summon Slenderina and gain an item.

We hope this house guide is useful. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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