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Items and where to find them in Granny 3

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Items and where to find them in Granny 3

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The creepy house that you are imprisoned in in Granny 3 will have a large number of useful items that you will need to find and use in the right places to assist in your escape. Some will help you directly while others will let you open safes and other boxes to let you then find more items to use.

To make this tougher the items will be randomly placed in various possible locations in the house each time you star a new game. So you will need to check careful each room to find what you need.

Items and where to find them in Granny 3

Below is a list of the items to be on the look out for and some suggestions on where to look. But remember there may be somewhere else too. Also check our house guide for more ideas on where to look.

Lockpick - To open the cell door and others.
You will find this at the start outside your cell door

Firewoood - To start a fire on the second floor.
Kitchen cupboard, Basement room with the skeleton, Roof

Safe key- To open the safe in the bathroom
First floor drawers, Other drawer units in the house, Coconut, Slenderina

Matches - to light fire
Kitchen drawers, other drawer units, shed

Plank - use to cross a broken floor.
Outside (behind shed), Slenderina's room

Stones to collect for the slingshot
Outside on the ground, can hold up to 3.

Coconut (with something inside)
Top floor small room, In the safe, On a roof rafter

Shed key - to open the shed
Birds nest on roof

Teddy - For Slenderina
Shed, kitchen cupboard, sofa on first floor. Basement cell

Vases - for the basement locked box.
On rafters in the roof, need the slingshot

Weapon key - for weapon locker
In coconut, in Drawers

Fuse - For the gate control
In locked floor box in the basement, in Drawers

Generator cable - for the generator in the shed.
Top floor small room blocked by hole in the floor

Bridge crank handle - to lower the drawbridge.

If you have any known locations for the items above that are not mentioned please add them in the comments below.

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