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Fire has always been a great wonder to the evolution of life for humans. And what better way to celebrate life than by playing a game that is centered on a character that introduced fire to humans, the titan Prometheus. GodFire: Rise of Prometheus is an action RPG wherein you play as Prometheus. It is unclear on what he really is because he is sometimes called a human and yet in other times, called a Titan. I personally think that, Prometheus definitely looks human because, as far as I know, Titans are well…huge. The story hints on a grueling anger Prometheus harbors against the Gods on Mt. Olympus. You will learn more about it as you continue through the game.

GodFire was developed by Vivid Games and was released in 2014. It is a free title in the Google Play store and that means a lot of microtransactions. While, the app is available in the App Store for $2.99. The In-app purchases are abundant in this game. Most of those in-app purchases are available as items to upgrade your character. For the free Android version, there are some lengthy ads scattered along set moments in the game which sometimes offer you a resurrection in the game in exchange for watching a video advertisement. They are quite plenty and it can get tiring to see them constantly–especially the ones blaring audio that just blasts the ears.

The game is similar to the popular game God of War. Even the theme is similar; some angry guy with an axe to grind against the Greek Gods again. Most of the time spent in the game is spent in combat which feels okay, in general, but the fact that you can’t move around while in combat somehow poses a problem. You can only do a dodge roll to a certain direction but for actual movement, there is no available way to do so. You also can't directly target an enemy. Sometimes you may want to kill an enemy with low health but then your character decides to fling himself to a farther enemy or into a place he would be surrounded. The models are a bit bigger than they appear too. For example, when you dodge to a gap between enemies that seem large enough but then you suddenly stop and realize that it isn’t so when all the hits land on you.

The game is pretty long and you can do stuff like upgrade your equipment and your stats. You can do this by doing the two extra modes; Time Attack and Survival Modes. The time attack mode requires you to complete objectives in the shortest time possible; The faster the time, the greater the rewards. Survival is what it is–survival. You fight against lots of enemies in waves to see how long you last, the better your performance the better the rewards too. These rewards come in the form of weapons, armor, and some trinkets that do a variety of things, from locating treasure to draining HP with each hit. Weapons and armors do different things as well. For instance, there are weapons that give a huge attack bonus and yet do not offer you the chance to gain health and wrath from enemies. Aside from those equipments, rewards also come in the form of coins, which is the main currency in the game, and Godfire Sparks which upgrades your stats. Coins and Godfire sparks can be obtained by completing objectives in the map and clearing stages. You can also replay stages to get the most rewards out of them. There are some puzzle elements also in the game which come in the form of a sliding block puzzle where you get a block across the board, and two other different types of puzzles that have you form a picture. They aren't difficult though and can be completed with ease. For me, God of Fire, and all its content, can hold your interest for quite some time with all its objectives and character growth.

The graphics of the game are as much as you can expect from a mobile game. At first, you would expect a graphical spectacle judging from the opening cinematic. But as you will soon see, it is just a basic three dimensional game–nothing of unique value to note so far. The music is good though as it fits the theme perfectly and the sound effects are done well. Even the sound when the enemies' weapon falls to the ground is a nice effect.

Overall, GodFire is a good game to pass some time. Its combat is engaging and its progression system is worthwhile in the sense that you can actually feel your character grow in strength. Spending money on this game is entirely optional and you don’t seem to actually need to in order to enjoy the game. But as far as I’ve seen, you can get everything through just playing the game. GodFire is an easy recommendation if you are into this kind of gameplay.

3.9 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 4th 2015

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