Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Godfire™ Guide


1. Don’t get surrounded

As mentioned before, it is difficult to maneuver in combat and the enemies have a bigger area than what is shown. So to avoid this, just avoid getting yourself in a corner surrounded by your enemies.

2. Enemies can be friends

Well, sort of. Because there is friendly fire in this game. You can get your enemies to hit his friends if you align them correctly. Use this detail to your advantage.

3. Do the objectives.

In each stage, there are objectives that you may complete like taking no damage from a boss, doing a set number of combos, or killing a set number of enemies. These objectives yield great rewards when completed. And once that is done, doing so will help you early on in building your character.

4. Turn mobile data / Wi-Fi off (for the free Android version)

If you have no intention of using microtransactions, then disconnect from the internet while playing so you don't see the ads. This game works offline so you can avoid those ads. Although you would be missing out on the occasional free resurrection if you watch an ad, but it isn’t a 100% thing though so do it cautiously.

5. You can change your equipment while playing

Change your weapon or armor to better suit the situation. For example, there is a powerful weapon you get early in the game but which negates health and wrath pickups from enemies. When low on HP / wrath, you may switch to another weapon to regain the pickups and just switch back when full.

6. Do the Time Attack and Survival modes when you get stronger

These modes are tough when you go into them with a non-upgraded character. But as you get better gear and stats, they get easy. Do them in a timely manner to gain rewards from them that could possibly help you in your other conquests.

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