Go Fish!

Go Fish!

Kwalee Ltd
Version: 1.2.3 | 4+

Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as you can on your way up! Upgrade your gear to catch more fish and to dive deeper, make rare finds and discover new species!


1. Upgrade your depth and net size
Whenever possible make your upgrades to both depth and net size to allow you to cast deeper for more expensive fish and a bigger net size to allow you to catch more fish per catch.

2. Look out for rare fish
These will give you much more cash than the ordinary ones. The rare ones are usually more brightly colored.

3. Don't forget you can swing your line from left to right when it is going up to try to catch the fish you are looking for.

There are a lot of ads between every few line casts which does spoil the flow of the game, but there is an option to pay for an ad free version of the game.

If you like the game, then maybe consider that.
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