G.I. Joe: War On Cobra

Getting Started

Getting Started
G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Guide

There is a lot to absorb when you first download GI Joe War on Cobra, I mean the game looks fantastic and if you enjoy these base building type games, then you've made a good choice in trying out this game. There is a good tutorial in the game which takes you through the initial steps on how to deploy troops against the enemy and how to build items in your base.

Here are a few things that you should do initially:

1. Check the Tips
In the game there is a Tips page which basically tells you what you need to do in order to get a small amount of free gems, this is also a good guide for things that you should be trying to do next in the game.

2. Check the Events
As with a lot of games in this genre, there are often events running at different times. If you are able to understand the events and try to participate in them you will likely be able to unlock some more loot which will help you get started quicker.

3. Build Resource Collecting Buildings
My advice would be to build up your resources quickly as these are needed to upgrade and build items and also to replenish lost troops. Base defenses are also important, but I think the best first buildings are the mineral extraction and oil buildings.

4. Upgrade your HQ
Whenever you can, upgrade your HQ. This will dictate what level you can upgrade your troops and buildings to and what buildings are available to be built as well. The upgrade HQ is one that I consider using my stash of free gems for because the upgrades usually take a lot of resources and time.

5. Get the Free Gems
There is the option to watch up to three video ads a day in exchange for 25 gems per video. This is a great way of getting some free gems every day. Another way would be to collect the daily rewards and the try to log in every day for the streak rewards.

6. Upgrade your Troops
This is really important and strong troops and offensive units mean that you will be able to complete the campaign missions and also to raid other player's bases to grab their resources.

7. Build your Defenses
]Now is the time to take serious consideration about your defenses, if you have a lot of resources, you could be vulnerable to attacks made against you and having your resources stolen by other players.

Next, check out our page on Beginner Base Building Tips.

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