G.I. Joe: War On Cobra

Beginner Base Building Tips

Beginner Base Building Tips
G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Guide

You can get your base up and running to a decent level pretty quickly, if you are prepared to play the game on and off for a length of time, i.e. mostly not skipping the upgrades with gems and waiting for them to complete.

First of all let's get started collecting our free gems:

Collecting Free Gems

1. Watch the Video Offers
There is usually the opportunity to watch up to three videos a day, if you do all three, you'll collect 75 gems in total.

2. Log in Daily
There is a daily log in bonus and a streak bonus which can you collect each day, once you stop logging in daily, your streak bonus will reset. You may not get free gems every day as a daily bonus, it may be resources or something else.

Collecting Resources

The first buildings you should focus on are the resources buildings so when available, create and upgrade the mineral extraction buildings and storage and the oil depot and oil rig. The depot will allow you to store more oil which you will need to do for the bigger buildings and upgrade to come later in the game.

Tip: Try not to use gems to speed up the upgrades, you'll run out of them really fast. In the beginning stages of the game, you should be prepared to keep checking when the buildings are completed and start a new building or upgrade when the last one has completed.

Tip: While waiting for upgrades check the map to see if you can raid any bases to get some free resources. Check out our Base Raiding Guide for more details.

Switch Factions

Once you have made some progress with your base as Joes or Cobra, and have a long wait for a build to finish, it may be a good time to switch factions to continue with the game while your timers still continue in the original faction.

When you switch factions you still keep everything in your original base, but you have to start over (or where you left of on the other faction), your gems that you collected in the game do transfer across factions though, as does your player level.

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