G.I. Joe: War On Cobra

Map Battles

Map Battles
G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Guide

As well as plowing your way through the campaign missions, map battles are a great way to get extra minerals and oil.

Tap the map icon to go to the map and see who is available to battle. You can increase the number of available battles by upgrading your Radar, this will allow you to expand your map.

In a map battle you have a set number of action points, this is utilised by dropping your troops into battle, and you get more action points when you destroy enemy buildings. With this in mind you can think about hitting the easier unguarded parts of the enemy base first in order to get more action points.

Another strategy could be to just go for the weapons directly, if they are proving too much for you then you always have the option of calling in a special weapons strike if it is available to you.

At the end of the battle whether you complete it or not you have to resupply everything that died or was used up in the previous battle before you start the next one (if you want to use those units that is). Resupplying is done by using minerals.

In map battles have to chance to raid for oil and minerals, and it is a great way to stock on these valuable commodities which can be used to resupply your troops and to construct buildings.

You also have the opportunity to win Cargo for up to six battles every 24 hours. These cargo drops will give you cards and other loot which is useful in the game.

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