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Final Order is a RTS MMO strategy game. You play the role of a commander whose aim it is it to build a military stronghold in the middle of a war torn map. Read on for out beginners guide and Final Order Cheats, Tips and Strategy.

Final Order Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Once you have chose your faction then simply play through the game guidfe as it tells you which buildings to construct. It's important to keep on track with the instructions the game gives you in this tutorial section. What to do next is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen, don't forget to collect your rewards when prompted to as well.

Choosing a Faction
At the start of the game you need to choose your Faction, there is a choice of 2 at the moment each with their own unique buffs:

North American Federation:
Rapid Response, Helicopter Attack +5%
Enhanced Mobility, Army Marching Speed +5%
Steel Trust, Steel Gathering Speed +10%

Far Eastern Union:
Armored Storm, Tank Attack +5%
Grassroots Mobilization, Training Speed +5%
Endurance Training, Stamina Recovery Speed +10%

While the buffs are balanced, our personal preference based on the above buffs is the Far Eastern Union because of the improved Stamina Recovery Speed, which is essential for a lot of actions in the game.

We note, at the moment there is a 'Stay Tuned' image, which implies more factions will be added to the game at a later date.

The game also says that you can reselect a faction later if you want to change it some way down the line. This faction change however usually comes with some sort of cost, if it is the same as some other similar games.

Get VIP for faster construction speed and other improvements in the game. It is a premium feature though, so will cost money.

Join an alliance as soon as you can
Being part of alliance is a good thing to early in the game, as other members can help speed up construction times, you can also claim alliance based rewards and make purchases in the alliance shop. In games like this one, it's usually much better to be part of alliance than not. Take a bit of time to find an established alliance with active members that will be around to help you speed up your tasks. Look out for the handshake icon on the main game screen, tap that to help out your alliance members.
Final Order Gameplay
Final Order Gameplay

Check your mail
When you start the game and have played through the tutorial, check your mail for any rewards you may get some free gems.

Bind Your Account
To prevent you losing your game progress, you can bind your account to Facebook or Google, to do this, tap the avatar in the top left of the screen, then the settings option in the bottom right, then tap account, and you will see the options to bind your account.
Bind Your Account to Keep it Safe
Bind Your Account to Keep it Safe

How to start a new game
If you want to start over for whatever reason, then tap your avatar, go to settings, then account at the bottom there is a link to start a new game.

Take note of the free time construction
Especially in the beginning of the game where you will be constructing a lot of buildings and upgrading them a lot, it's useful to note the free construction time that the game gives you. Usually, at the end of a construction or upgrade task the last 10 minutes is free, you just have to go in and claim it by tapping the building concerned and using the free option.

Make good use of the Free Level 1 VIP in the first day
It's really handy to have the second builder queue activated for free for one day, when the game gives you the free VIP level 1 on the first day. Make good use of it to get as much construction done as you can during this period.

Date a Hottie
This sounds like fun, but what it really is is a great way for you to get extra buffs for your base. You can find the Hottie menu in the Officer's Club and you need to gain affinity with each hottie by winning mini games in order to get a date.
Dating a Hottie
Dating a Hottie

As you play through the game, more hotties become unlocked that will offer different buffs.
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