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Top Game Play Tips

Top Game Play Tips
FarmVille 2: Country Escape Guide

The biggest weakness in farm simming is the urge to hoard - so with that in mind, the first set of tips is intended to help you address or at least lighten the risks associated with that habit. After that we address the strategic choices that will not just make your game flow better, but make you more of a success at it without having to work for it :)

1. Managing Inventory

While the basic strategy page explained how to manage your Inventory in terms of multiple tier resource management, there is another element that you need to concern yourself with: Inventory Caps.

When you start out your Barn will hold just 40 units period. That means 40 units spread across all of the types of resources you will have and create, from the lowest tier raw resources to finished goods but also the special resources like Spades and Nails that you will likely have to accumulate over long periods of time - which means the more of that you have to hold on to, the fewer resources you can retain!

With that in mind then, any steps you need to take to obtain the Keys required to increase the storage size of your Barn are good steps to take.

If you have been playing Farmville 2 on Facebook make certain you actually link your Facebook account to this game, because one of the rewards you will receive after you have played this game for a while (generally within the first few hours) is a large chunk of Keys based on the level you got your farm up to on Facebook.

In addition to the reward keys - which will go a long way towards helping you increase your Barn / Inventory Storage Cap, there are also Quests that pay Keys.

As you level up you will be unlocking new expansion sections for your Farm, and in these there may be chests that contain random items and resources - including Keys.

When you are weighing the use of Keys you will rarely go wrong in using them to increase your Storage Cap.

With each new level additional resources and items are unlocked.
With each new level additional resources and items are unlocked.

2. Leveling Fast

Considering the fact that access to the advanced crafting tables, as well as other resources in the game are Level-based, fast leveling is to come degree in your best interest. There are a number of ways to obtain XP to level up fast, but the following we have found to be the most efficient:

- Always Work the Quests
Focusing your efforts on completing the various quests you get assigned not only earns you the XP (and funds) you need to level up and succeed, they also sometimes pay off in Keys, and you will never get enough of those.

- Low Tier Spam Selling
Another way to help yourself to get to Level 11 as fast as possible (Level 11 being the first target level you will want to get to as fast as you can) is to grow and sell lower tier resources via the Board as fast as you can.

You will be surprised at how quickly you can level up doing this once you get into the groove, and that specifically applies to Wheat and Carrots. You may want to consider Eggs and Milk to also be in this category (once you have leveled to where you can obtain them).

3. Stay On Top of the Store

This may not be very obvious at first but there are key levels that you will reach that unlock specific and valuable resources in the store.

Specifically we are talking about the Workshops Tab, which includes the Windmill, Pastry Oven, Dairy, Stovetop, Dinner Oven, Loom, Craft Workstation, Dollmaking Table, Glassworks, Fruit Press, Winery, Cove Kettle, and Beachfront Grill.

The point to this is simple - you want to ensure that you have sufficient income and savings so that you can purchase and place these items as soon as you unlock them!

Whether you need more than one or not is entirely up to you - but considering the natural brakes in the game, we have found that having just one of each Worktable sufficient.

What you do need to remember though is that the quest system is going to call for the use of these almost as soon as you can obtain them - which is to say that once they are unlocked (you have reached the minimum level for them) you are going to need to purchase them as fast as you can.

So for that reason you will want to plan ahead, via crafting, questing, and resource sales, to ensure that you have the funds you need WHEN you need them!

Making use of your helpers - particularly for scrounging special items from the garden - is a wise move.
Making use of your helpers - particularly for scrounging special items from the garden - is a wise move.

4. Mind the Green Tick Marks

One of the cool aspects of the game is that it tries to let you know and clue you in when there are aspects that require your attention. And we are not talking about the bell that rings when a process is completed - though come to think on it, that is still a pretty good example of this!

No, what we are focusing on here are the Green Tick Marks that appear in several areas of the game. Examples include:

  • The Farm Board - will show Green Ticks for each resource you can sell.
  • The Farmer's Market - will show a Green Tick on its sign when you have sold an item and collect.
  • Expansion Slots - their signs will change from the $ symbol to a Green Tick Mark when you can actually acquire them. It is always - ALWAYS - a good idea to acquire those as soon as you can!

In conclusion these tips and strategies, when combined with the basic game play strategies, will have you rapidly succeeding in the game, and will help you to master it in no time at all!

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