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To get a handle on Fable Age what you first need to do is take all of the characters that you ever heard of in fables, like the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and Robin Hood (bunch of hoods in this neighborhood), then add in other fable characters like the Red Guard, Red Dwarf, nature Healer, and the like, and you get a start.

Then take the puzzle genre of games and combine it with the combat style, with combat taking the form of connecting puzzle pieces in series in order to "power" your moves, and what you get is Fable Age.

Created by Kongregate, this Free-to-Play game is also free to download, but requires an Internet connection to play. The game relies upon its in-game store for its revenue stream. That includes the following items:

Fable Stones (used for paying for new and special characters) which are had at x1 for .99 cents, x6 for $4.99, x12 for $9.99, and x30 for $22.99.

In addition there are also the time-limited Daily Shop Items, which allows the player to use the Fable Stones to purchase items like extra Experience (XP) Books, Golden Keys, and other useful objects.

The Fable Stones are also used to Restore All Stamina for your characters, and add additional Hero Slots, so you see they have much more than one use, and despite the fact that you can play the game without spending money, offer a measure of convenience that may find you doing it anyway!

While the game does not appear to feature in-game advertising, it does allow the player to connect their game to Facebook to share news and triumphs, and packs in some rather interesting collection goals as well.

The primary collection - the Fable Album - features 251 different characters, sortable by ID, HP, Power, Rarity, and Element.

In terms of Game Play Longevity the game has it, and how! A major element of that is its addictive nature, which once you get a feel for how the mechanics work, will keep you coming back for more.

The graphics for the game are difficult to describe - the game is organized very much like a book - that is to say its display is longer than it is wide, and offers what we can only describe as a lightly animated collection of cartoon-like animation.

The background music in the game is a cheerful - and well done - collection of tunes that just seem right for the game substance. It features sound effects during battle, and navigating.

All things considered, and the high addiction factor is one of them, Fable Age is the sort of game that nicely fits into the fusion puzzle/combat style, providing memorable entertainment. In terms of value for money, it is rather hard to beat free - and since you can play the game pretty fully without spending money, that is pretty good value.

After giving the game a serious go, we find that it gets a very well-earned 4.5 out of 5!

4.5 / 5.0
Review by CMBF | Sep 26th 2014

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