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Top 10 Hints and Tips

Top 10 Hints and Tips
Fable Age Guide

1. The Right Priority
This is not a single character game - it is a team based game - so paying attention to and working on raising the levels of your team is far more important than any one character - even if they happen to be one you like a lot.

2. Mind Your Elements
The puzzle portion of play includes linking like element types together, and chaining compatible links. The true importance is to always remember the element colors of your team. The best teams are made of two elements, as that makes it all the easier to keep your team well-supplied in linked elements.

In addition to using elements that support your team you also want to use elements that the enemy is weak against - especially when you are facing the Boss Mobs for the final battle of each session.

3. Mind the Levels.
This may not be as obvious to you, but it is a very good idea - especially when playing free - to be sure that you have at least two or three characters for each of the elements leveled up so that you always have a selection of characters to use versus each enemy type - because using the right elements that are strong against the target enemy makes victory all the easier.

Top 10 Hints and Tips

4. Tactical Referral Code Use
When they added the Referral Code system to the game the idea was to provide the player with a way to attract and involve their mates. So getting your mates to play - and to use your Referral Code - is a really good idea.

The reason it is a good idea is that in addition to getting your mates into the game, if you can get 8 of them to use your Code, you will receive a very powerful character - King Thrushbeard - as your reward. That is worth having, especially early on in play when his power is all the more telling. But don't go out on the boards and spam your Code - players really don't like that.

Now if you happen to have another iOS device available to you, you could just install the app, enter your Code, then delete it and do that over again - rinse and repeat, and get you your free King!

5. Rare Characters are Always a Good Thing!
It is not difficult to find things to spend your Gems on, and it is even easier to end up fixated on the different items you can buy, but the best use of your Gems if you are playing for free is to try to spin for rare characters!

You want to build a good team as early as you can, and pack it with relatively strong characters.

6. Get Rid of the Useless.
Those one and two star characters that are easy enough to get are really of no use to you in the long run because even when you level them up - and you should not bother to seriously do that - they will never pack the heft of the better and rarer characters.

That being the case, you should sell them off whenever you have an abundance of them, so that you always have room for any rare ones you might be able to get.

7. The Focus on Your Boss Members
While you want to level your entire team, when you obtain skills those are better spent on the Boss member(s) of your team. Don't waste skills on lower tier members!

Top 10 Hints and Tips

8. Remember to Power-Up Your Team!
While using skills on your boss members and XP books to level your team, it is very easy to forget potions and elixirs to boost your character stats and abilities. Since those are kept in a different place than the books they are easy to overlook. Don't overlook them!

9. Carefully Manage Your Pieces
When you begin to use the pieces on the board for your combinations, some will stand out as obviously valuable - so if you only need to deliver a small amount of damage to finish off the last mob on a battle, do NOT use a massive link and connection to do that. That is overkill to be sure and you are best off holding that major link set for the opening move of the next battle!

10. Boss Battle Tactics
Once you get to the boss battle it is time to seriously think about moves that will cause cascade runs. For example if you have a nine or ten piece link for hearts, which ordinarily you would not use since that doesn't deliver direct damage, you may want to use it so that it recharges your health AND creates cascades that will power your attacks.

Believe it or not, when you can remove ten or more pieces from the board your chances of gaining massive cascade bonuses increases significantly.


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