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Evil Hunter Tycoon is a complex Tycoon, Building type game from SuperPlanet Corp. It's really well made, and fun to play, and a step above a lot of the idle tycoon grinders. Here are a few Evil Hunter Tycoon Tips to help you get started.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Tips

First thing to do, is to simply play through the quest list that appears. But what you also should be doing is making use of the Trading Post as soon as it becomes available, and put in orders for linen, soggy flour and Young Lican Fur. That way you'll have the resources your need to craft the items that you need later to keep the hunters hunting.

If you are low on resources, don't forget to check your mail, at the top of the screen, to see if there are any bonuses to collect.

As well as going through the quests, you need to keep sending hunters into battle. To do this, select a hunter, Tap Move then select where you want to send then, for example Invaded Land, and they will then go off and fight. However, they need to be headed and rested too. So you'll need to make sure you are collecting linen cloths, to make bandages, Soggy Flout to Produce Cake, and Young Lycan Fur to produce beds in the Inn. However if you are missing items, the game does show you which alternative materials to make the same product. SO in emergencies there is often the possibility to user Zircon, Gems or Elemental to make the equipment that you need to keep your hunters working.

If the Inn, Restaurant and Infirmary are well stocked then the town will pretty much run itself in the initial stages. To keep these buildings well stocked however you need to create orders in the Trading Post. In the Trading Post you can make requests for the Hunters to fill, then as items run out in the Inn, Restaurant and Infirmary hopefully your hunters will keep bringing in the materials to allow you to restock those buildings. If not, use your special materials.

If you need any specific help about the game, feel free to check out our Evil Hunter Tycoon answers where you can see other people's questions and answers and post your own.

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