Escape game : 50 rooms 1

Levels 21-30: Escape Game Guide

Levels 21-30: Escape Game Guide
Escape game : 50 rooms 1 Guide

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Welcome to our guide for the second 10 levels of Escape Game : 50 Rooms. Hopefully you have been enjoying the puzzles ans clue searching through the levels but if you have found yourself stuck here is the place to find the next step for the puzzles you need. Check back on levels 1-10, or levels 11-20 if you need any help with those first

Level 21 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Move to the bed and collect a sim card from under the pillow. Then move to the desk on the left of the room
to get the phone on the desk. Combine the sim card with the phone in your inventory to view the screen with numbers of items on it.

2. Tap the top middle cupboard above the desk to see a 3 digit code entry, use the numbers from the phone. Code 258Show. Collect a Key from inside.

3. Tap on the closest bottom desk door. Use the key to open it. Take the half part of the screwdriver. Next tap to the left of the bed by the floor to see under it and collect the other half. Combine to make a screwdriver.

4. On the right wall is a narrow pool cue cabinet. Use the screwdriver top open this. Then use the pool cue to get the star from the square hole on the right wall. Then find a second star to collect on the shelf next to the square hole. Check on the shelves of the desk to find a third shape, the half-moon.

5. Tap the painting above the bad and again to move it, you'll find a wrench. Use it to remove a bolt on the far bottom cupboard of the desk. Inside is a box with holes for shapes. Place all the shape items in the holes and you'll get the key that opens the main door.

Level 22 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Near the center is a small pole with a yellow hoop on top, collect this yellow hoop.

2, Tap on the stairs to the right to view them and then tap again to see fish hanging with coloured numbers, Yellow 2, Pink 4. Back up to the room and note the blue 8 on the top right. Now tap the box on the left of the room with 3 coloured squares. Use the numbers found top open the box. Code: 428Show. Collect a Pink Triangle.

3. Tap the far wall to the right of the door to see silhouettes of 6 numbered fish. Remember the order of the fish poistions 1-6. Next tap the far right of the room to see a stack of 6 barrels. Tap these in the same order. Bottom-left, Top-right, Bottom-right, Top-left, Middle-right, Middle-left.Show. Collect the pentagon shape.

4. Tap to the left of the door to find a board with 3 shapes panels. Place the triangle, circle and pentagon shapes in the puzzle to get a code 479Show. You must tap and collect the code. Now do to the door and enter the code to open the panel of the main door.

5. Find a pipes puzzle, tap to play it. you must arrange the pieces so that all the lines join up. Solve the puzzle to finish level 22.

Level 23 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Tap the stove on the right and find a pump in the bottom draw to collect. Next find a deflated basketball on the foor in the center of the room. Use the pump on it to inflate the basketball. It will reveal a 4 star colour code. RED - YELLOW - BLUE - WHITEShow. Use this on the top left draw under the stove. Collect a Magnet.

2. Tap under the sofa on the left to find a rod, combine it with the magnet. Then tap the barrel in te far right corner. Use the rod/magnet inside the barrel to get a knob. Return to the stove and use the knob on the top right drawer to get a coffee cup.

3. Tap the sofa and check under the pillows to find matches. Then take the napkin from the table. Tap the top shelf above the stove and collect a coffee jar.

4. Now use the items you have to make a cup of coffee on the stove. Use the coffee in the pot, then light the stove with matches. Then use the cup to collect a cup of coffee. Tap the empty coffee cup on the table to replace it with the one you made. Now combine the napkin with the empty cup to reveal a code 7164Show.

5. Use the code to open the box on the floor on the right. Solve the food puzzle to get the final key. It is a matching game. Hint Select 2 apples, then 2 lemons, 2 oranges, 2 peppers, 2 pears, 2 bananas, 2 tomatoes, 2 mushrooms, 2 strawberries.Show.

Level 24 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Tap under the table to collect a knife. Then tap the sofa to see a line on the cushion. Use the knife to cut the sofa cushion. Collect a rod implement. Next take the crowbar from the low cabinet in the far right of the room.

2. Tap the door to the left of the room then tap again to look under it. Use the item from the sofa to take the key from under the door. Use the key to open the door.

3. Use the crowbar on the toilet tank to get the safe handle. Go to the safe which is on the bottom draw of the unit on the left with the statue on top. Place the handle and you can then access the code entry.

4, Tap the TV and then the players below to turn it on, this shows a colour order. Red, green white, purple.Show. Next tap the birds on the wall to the right. Count the number of each colour. Use this information to determine the code for the safe. Code: 7463Show.

5. Open the safe to get a key card. Use the key card to open the main door.

Level 25 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Tap the small barrels on the left of the room and collect a blue cube from one. Next tap to view a chest of drawers on the back right next to the skeleton. Collect scissors from the bottom drawer. Use the scissors on the blue cube to get the key inside and reveal a number code. Now open the top drawer with the key and get the blue bottle.

2. There is a chair on the left wall next to the barrels, look under the pillow for a piece of cloth. Tap the picture on the stand on the floor then Use the blue bottle on it followed by the cloth to reveal some arrows: down - right - left - upShow. Check the unfolded blue cube numbers and use the arrows to determine a 4 digit code. Use this on the middle drawer. Code: 5274Show. Collect a hammer head.

3. Tap next to the picture on the floor to see behind it. Collect a hammer handle from here. Combine it with the hammer head. Tap the painting on the right wall, and again to slide it. Use the hammer on the panel behind the painting. Here is a hidden safe with a 4x4 grid.

4. Tap on the bar on the left to see 4 coloured items, remember the order. Tap the picture on the wall to the left of the door to see a 4x4 grid with 4 coloured spots. Use these clues to open the safe. Colours: yellow - orange - blue - greenShow. Tap the safe buttons in the right order to open it and collect the key to exit the room.

Level 26 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Check the pillows on the bed to find a drawer handle from under the right pillow and the golden piece from behind the left pillow. Notice a green light by the Left pillow. And a red one by the right.

2, Tap the deer head on the left of the door and collect a second gold part and note the yellow light. The tap the flower pot on the right and collect a third gold piece.

3. Tap the low unit under the TV on the right and use the handle to open the middle drawer. Collect some tongs. Use these tongs to get a key from the fireplace. Than place the key in the ice bucket in front of the bed to cool it down. Use the key to open the desk drawer. Use the 3 gold pieces collected to open the box. Collect a scroll of paper with coloured numbers.

4. Find 1 more coloured light by the picture on the left wall. Tap the mirrow on the right wall and again to find a safe keypad entry. Use the colour order with the numbers to work out the code for the safe. Code: 9426Show. Collect the key card and exit the room.

Level 27 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Tap the broom on the floor to collect the broom handle, and then the bucket to tip it and collect the knob from it. Take the yellow spray can from the seats on the left. Use the spray on the blood stain on the wall and reveal a code 1354Show.

Tap the skeleton on the right and use the code to open the suitcase, collect a roll of tape. Collect the bottle from the right hand. Then tap the skull and collect another knob from the eye socket. Place the 2 knobs on the TV to reveal the colour code: White - Red - Yellow - GreenShow. Go to the bins on the left and tap the lights on them in this order to open the last one and collect a hook.

3. Combine the broom handle with the hook and use it to collect the wires hanging on the ceiling lamp.

4. Go to the panel by the door and tap to view the hanging wire, use the wire you collected and the tape to attach it. Then use the alcohol bottle to fuel the generator.Tap the power button to turn it on and the door will open.

Level 28 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Tap the single white chair and take the key from under the pillow, use it to open the middle draw on the low cabinet on the left wall. Collect scissors. Tap the couch and use the scissors to open the cushion and collect a Chinese tile.

2. Tap the drawers unit on the left and collect a chopstick. Tap the plant pot on the left corner and use the chopstick to collect a second tile. Find 2 more Chinese tiles in the flowers on the unit and under the table.

3. Tap the brick wall section on the right of the far wall. Tap the center brick to reveal a panel. Use the Chinese tiles to open the hidden safe and collect a scroll of paper.

3. Tap the clock on the left wall and use the diagram from the scroll of paper to set the clock time correctly. Time: 11:45Show. This will reveal a code 9246Show.

4. Use the code on the keypad on the back wall to reveal a puzzle. Solve the pipes puzzle to complete level 28. Tap the rotation icons between each set of tubes to move them. Line up the correct colours to complete the puzzle.

Level 29 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Tap the rack at the back to view the pool balls and the four colours, then view the dart board on the left to see 4 coloured darts and the numbers they are stuck in. Use this info to get a code. Tap the green cabinet on the right to enter the code 2574Show, Collect the Red knife handle. Tap the snooker table and collect the knife blade.

2. Combine the handle and blade and then tap the bottom left of the room to see a cow toy on the floor. Use the knife to cut open the cow doll and collect a coin.

3. Tap on the right wall above the gym equipment to view a colour code. R B Y Y B R R G YShow. Next, use the coin to play on the arcade games machine. Tap the arrows to set the colour code found above. This will reveal 3 coloured numbers. Red 4, Green 9, Blue 5Show

4. Tap the dart board again and tap to move it and reveal a panel with 3 coloured number entries. Use the number to open the chest. Code: 954Show. Collect A Key, use it to leave the room.

Level 30 Walkthrough - Escape Game 50 Rooms

1. Tap the left lion head and take the green eyes. The tap the right Lion and collect the pink eyes. Place these eyes onto the smaller statues to the sides of the room.

2, Tap to the left of the room to find a gold statue of two hands. Collect this and also find a small shaped key piece on the floor. Then check the right hand side of the room for a similar silver statue. Tap the middle of the floor to see 2 square blocks, Place the hands on the blocks to reveal and box in the middle of the room.

2. Tap the base of the Left Lion to collect a hammer, and also find a second shaped key piece on the left. Use the hammer to break the vase that was revealed by the left small statue. Collect a golden bird head icon.

3, Look around the room for 4 symbols with numbers. Number 1 is by the small statue on the right. Once you have seen them all use them to set the dials on the box that was revealed next to the right small statue. Open the box and collect a second gold bird head.

3. Place the two bird heads on the box in the middle of the room to open it and collect an 8 sided key piece.

4. Go to the door and use the 3 key pieces to open the panel and find a puzzle. To solve this final puzzle you must swap the blue pieces with the red pieces.

That is the solutions for the third set of 10 rooms. If you get stuck with any other levels check the other pages of this guide. Levels 31-40 are next.

If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page.

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