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Quick Tips

Quick Tips
Dungeon Hunter 5 Guide

1.) Choose Your Style and Stick With It

When you create your character, be sure to already have a playstyle in your mind. Genders do not affect the stats, stats growth, or skills. It is just an aesthetic choice. The class and the weapon choice do affect the way you play the game.

2.) Weapon of Choice

You should familiarize with how the weapons behave in Dungeon Hunter 5. There are five types of weapon available in the game. They are acquired either as rewards for completing missions, or as loots from fallen enemies.

For those who prefer long range fighting, there are staves and crossbows for you. The former is a magical long range weapons, while the latter is a quick long range weapon.

For those who prefer close combat fighting, greatswords and dual blades are for you. Technically the Glaive is a melee weapon but the game does not treat it that way. Glaive is more of a melee weapon with a long reach, thus giving it a missile speed, meaning, the attacks are delayed before the animation hits the target. Greatswords are amazing with damage, but takes a lot of time to complete a swing. Dual blades are fast, furious, and super good looking. You will take love it.

3.) Do Not Level Up Yet

Everytime you level up, the timer starts anew. Meaning, if you manage to gain a level when your energy is barely used, it will return back to full. For optimization purposes, just continue on playing the game until you hit the limit and then level up. This will give you more playing time before eventually waiting for the timer to reset, or buy items to bypass the stamina restrictions.

4.) Collect Some Gear

You can collect gears when you replay previously completed missions in different difficulties. With all the gears you have collected, you should try to fuse them, sell the unwanted gears, or fuse them, the choice is yours. Sometimes it is better just to sell them because you may not want it anyway. The price does not go up significantly, and for value to price ratio, it gets worse as the items are superior.

5.) Hire a Friend

Though they will not actively play the game with you, having your friends' avatar over will make the missions far easier if you are in for a real struggle. The value of having a friend with you is not just an extra hand, but also, you will earn bounty tickets. Bounty tickets allow you to open Bounty chests and acquire items and bonuses. However, if you summon a random hero instead of a friend, you will just get a single bounty ticket.

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