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Five and Fighting

Five and Fighting

This is the fifth title of the Dungeon Hunter franchise. This franchise is best known for its refinement of very familiar gameplay mechanics while adding some fresh new concepts. The Dungeon Hunter had been changing up its genre (the first Dungeon Hunter is a vanilla hack-and-slash, the third is a multiplayer ARPG, the fourth became a freemium title), this time the fifth title retains the core gameplay and then added some.

Review of Dungeon Hunter 5 on AppGamer.com

For starters, the game is free. Most of the games with quality as polished as Dungeon Hunter 5 are not free, they are paid apps. Dungeon Hunter 5 is following the same “freemium” system prevalent in most of mobile games now. As mentioned, there is no upfront cost, however, a big however, the game has an aggressive stance on pushing the players to buy premium in-game currency with real money. The game will require you to use the in-game currency should you fail in a mission. You can continue playing the game without succumbing to this.

A fair warning, Dungeon Hunter 5 does not explain anything about the in-game currency, you are going to have a rude awakening if you aren't careful. So before you use ANY CONSUMABLES, look it up if that item is (1) very rare, and (2) essential for you to conitnue the mission. Here is the skinny of the premium currency bundles: prices are set from $2.99 up to $99.99. These premium currency bundles are used in buying health potions, replenishing your stamina, purchasing gold to forge weapons and add inventory slots. The premium currency is basically two-fold: for timers (stopping you from blitzing through the game), and for loots (worth it, but not really necessary).

Review of Dungeon Hunter 5 on AppGamer.com

Core gameplay is hack-and-slash, and has a wonderful implementation of it. Well, the hack-and-slash genre does not really need precise controls anyway, so the touchscreen buttons are comfortable. As it stands, the combat system is flawless. The mission structure is tight and quick.

The inventory system is rooted in cards. Everything is about the cards. Weapons and armor are upgraded by fusing the cards. Having the same cards fused four times over will also earn an upgrade. Since missions have similar drops, repeating missions are necessary in order to upgrade the card to its best form. In this case, grinding is definitely worth it.

There are five types of weapons, and this shall affect your playstyle. You can also personalize spells with the two slots available. Elements also are factors in battles too, also is implemented on how you customize your character.

Graphics are amazing, the fluid animation is a sight to behold. Dungeon Hunter 5 has great art direction, and everything about its aesthetics is fully realized. Meanwhile, the music is just serviceable, not astounding compared to other games of the same genre. We rarely comment about stories in video games and in Dungeon Hunter 5, such is more than decent. It was actually surprising that Gameloft laid down a plot worthy of not ignoring. Also, there is a “multiplayer” aspect of the game, but unlike its predecessors, you are not going to fight with or against other players, your minions just fight each other, and you can summon your friends’ avatars to support you.

Review of Dungeon Hunter 5 on AppGamer.com

Confusing and suspicious freemium elements aside, Dungeon Hunter 5 is the best action RPG available now in the mobile space. It is just a shame that, unlike its predecessor, the game is not offered with an outright purchase just to remove the timer. However, the core gameplay is just too good to pass up, and worth waiting for that stamina bar to refill.

4.0 / 5.0
Review by Jasper Nikki | Apr 27th 2015

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