Driving School 3D Simulator

Driving School 3D Simulator

Version: 20190603 | 4+

Driving School is a realistic driving game where you can master your driving and parking skills. In this driving simulator you have to drive and follow the road signs.
Wear seat belt, follow the signals, don't take the wrong turns and watch out for traffic and people. This is the best way for you to become a perfect driver.
Pick your vehicle, customize it and drive in different places like city, country, highway and mountains.
Choose between manual transmission or automatic gearbox. Steering options include on-screen steering wheel, arrows or gyro. You can also switch the camera to see the road from a drivers perspective.

This driving game offers different modes to play. In career mode you have to drive by the rules and you can get a drivers licence. Open world driving mode gives you an option to get out of the car, find and collect hidden coins and visit a gas station. In multiplayer mode you drive against other players.

Driving school features
different customizable vehicles,
4 detailed maps with more than 80 levels,
exit the vehicle and play in TPS mode,
realistic damage system,
visit gas stations and refuel,
multiplayer with online leaderboard.
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