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Dream Detective is a well polished hidden object game by Century Game. If you are not familiar with this genre, then basically you play through the game story by trying to find objects that are hidden in a scene image. Some are easily visible, and some you have to to a little work to uncover them. We've put together some Dream Detective tips here to help you get to grips with this cool game from an established studio, which has also published games such as Guns of Glory and King of Avalon.

Dream Detective Tips
As well as finding all of the objects on the list in the quickest time possible, you'll also need to look out for the elves and try to get them too. If you tap the wrong thing in the game, then you'll lose some time off of your counter, so be careful when tapping the screen.

Challenge Mode
Here you have unlimited time to find anything, and it's a good way to gain EXP and coins. You'll need EXP to unlock more levels and unlock other game modes.

Level Up
Gain EXP in the various game modes in order to level up. You'll need to level up to unlock more of the game.

How to find the Elves in Dream Detective
The game is full of elves and to find each one is a unique process. Some of them are found in the challenge scenes. If you are lucky enough to find rare elves then you may get some coins too.

Get Tips by Watching Ads
In the game there is an option to watch an ad in exchange for getting a tip on a hidden object. If you are stuck, then it's worth considering watching the ad in exchange for a tip.

How to Earn Coins in Dream Detective
With coins you can purchase energy, you need energy to play the game, so if you want a quick way to regain energy and not wait for it to replenish over time, you'll need to grind coins. There are a few good ways to get more coins for free such as doubling your rewards on completion of a level by watching an ad.
In Dream Detective, you will need to a lot of coins to purchase energy. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get them for free:

Double your rewards. Once you complete a level, the game offers you to double you rewards by watching a video. Grab this opportunity to get more coins from a single level.

If you have any specific questions about Dream Detective that you would like help with, you can post a question on our Dream Detective Answers page for other players to see and answer.
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