Dragon Raja Gets a Massive Content Update and a $20,000 Prize Pool for its 3rd Anniversary

by AppGamerFeb 25th 2023

Dragon Raja Gets a Massive Content Update and a $20,000 Prize Pool for its 3rd Anniversary.

Dragon Raja, the ambitious and visually impressive cyberpunk MMORPG that launched on the eve of the Covid pandemic, is about to turn three.

Dragon Raja Gets a Massive Content Update and a $20,000 Prize Pool for its 3rd Anniversary

Publisher Archosaur is clearly in the mood to celebrate, adding a new class, a new map, new story content, and more to mark the game's third anniversary.

For the uninitiated, Dragon Raja is one of those 3D MMORPGs that would have been impossible on mobile just a few years ago, with stunning 3D graphics, AAA production values, and a vast open world to explore.

Based on a series of Chinese Fantasy novels, Dragon Raja hit the ground running when it launched in 2020. Since then it has attracted well over 30 million downloads, and this is the perfect moment to join them.

The new class, Shadow Fencer, is a foil-toting assassin that specializes in two things: moving undetected, and kicking butt. It’s an ideal addition to the 12 classes already on offer, giving the tactical gameplay yet another dimension.

Then there's the new map, Cambridge. As its name suggests, this one is based on the distinctive architecture of Cambridge University. But it comes with a magical twist. In this version of the distinguished institution, you can parkour between floating buildings.

There's a whole new storyline, too, featuring characters from the main campaign. Existing Dragon Raja players will be right at home, while newcomers will get to meet the stars of the game in a whole new context.

To sweeten the deal even further, Archosaur Games is running a Global Club Carnival event that allows players to win a share of a huge $20,000 prize pool by inviting their friends to come and join them in the game.

Ever mindful of the contribution that players make to the Dragon Raja universe, Archosaur Games is also promoting some of the best drawings, videos, models, and so on that players have created on its Facebook page.

There are rewards for returning players, too, plus daily login rewards and unique prizes.

To learn more about Dragon Raja and its massive third anniversary event, check out the official website.

Or you can just download it for free right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, or PC.


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