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In this casual game from Voodoo you take charge of a catapult in order to bring down buildings in as few shots as possible, we have some Demolish tips to help you use the least amount of firepower to bring down those buildings quickly.

Demolish Game Tips

Demolish is pretty simple to play, you just have to pull direct the catapult to where you want the shot to land with a swipe of your finger then let go.
Aim Low for Maximum Impact
Aim Low for Maximum Impact

The best place to aim is usually about a quarter or a third of the way up the building that way you take out that section towards the bottom and the rest of the building will easily collapse.

As you complete stages you get different types of premium balls to try, you can try them for fun, or store them up in case things get more difficult. I only played this to level 20, before the mundanity of the game set it!
Claim your Ballistics
Claim your Ballistics

Turn on Airplane Mode on your phone if you want to avoid the ads which can be a little intrusive. Just remember to turn it back on when you are done as your phone will not be reachable otherwise!

All in all it's a simple game, which doesn't really warrant much in the ways of tips, but we felt compelled to try it seeing as it has over 1 million downloads already. Let us know what you think of the game, and if it gets any more challenging later on!
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