Time to Kill - Break Some Buildings

Time to Kill - Break Some Buildings
Demolish is a polished, albeit simple, game from the prolific game publisher, Voodoo. With over 1 million downloads early into it's release we felt compelled to see what this game had to offer.

Demolish is free to download and play and currently the only in-app purchase is a single payment to remove all ads.

In the game you collect stars depending on how how few balls you use to complete the demolition and you can triple this amount at the end of each round by watching an ad.
Demolish Gameplay
Demolish Gameplay

What the stars actually do is a mystery to me, may the idea is to just collect as many as possible.

Unfortunately the game never really kicks into a new gear at least in the time we played it, playing through the first 20 levels really quickly with not much variety at all. Who knows what is beyond that, if anyone plays further, let us know!

We'll give this 3.5 because it looks good and the ads, while heavy give you the option to close them quickly. The gameplay is the other issue, being that it is not so varied or challenging.
3.5 / 5.0
review by AppGamer | Oct 6th 2020

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Review by GuestOct 21st 2020
Good game! Wish there were more types of buildings.
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