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Days Bygone - Castle Defense
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Version: 1.22.4 | In-Game Purchases

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Days ByGone is a defense game where you protect your wall from the incoming attacks. As the levels progress you upgrade your wall, your own attacks and unlock spells to keep at bay the ever-increasingly stronger hoards of enemies that are set yo destroy your wall and kill you. Read on for our Days ByGone cheats and tips to help you succeed in this game.

Days Bygone Cheats and Tips

Watch the ads for Free Gems
There is an option to watch some ads for free gems. Currently this is set to only allowing you do this 3 times per day, and each time you will gain 3 gems, so in total 9 gems can be gained for free with this method.
Watch Ads for Free Gems
Watch Ads for Free Gems

Complete Achievements for Free Gems
Another great way to get free gems is to complete the achievements in the game.

Level Up Your Stats
At the end of each level you'll be given the opportunity to watch and ad in return for double the coins you earned in the round, this is a good idea to do to increase the stats of your weapons quickly early on in the game. You also unlock spells after Day 2, and can use your gold to increase the power of your spells too. It's best to spent all of your coins after every round during the early stages in the game.
Days Bygone Stats
Days Bygone Stats

Kill the Fastest First
You have to kill the guys that you think will get to your wall first to stop them doing damage. So, especially in later levels, you'll need to work out early on who will get to your wall first and target your attacks to them.

Get New Weapons
Once you complete Day 5 you will get your first chest, if you watch the ad after completing that level then you'll get two chests. Each chest unlock gives you a chance of getting a new weapon, which will surely be better than going into day 6 with your training sword!

With your new weapon equipped and your stats upgraded, Day 6 is actually easier than Day 5.

Upgrading Weapons
As you play through the game yuou will collect runes which can be used to upgrade your weapons. These can be hard to get, so make sure you use your runes on your best weapons only.
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