CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes: A Test for the “Detective” in You

CSI: Hidden Crime brings you upfront with the CSI Las Vegas team and access to the up-close investigations of every nook and cranny of crime scenes. Carrying the plot and characters of the original T.V. series, the game makes a good counterpart and provides an evoking interest of the actual show that puts the player toe-to-toe with the crime lab’s very own D.B. Russel and the whole forensics gang.

CSI: Hidden Crimes boasts at least 10 million downloads from Google Play alone. Which in itself, is a testament that the popularity of the franchise married to a casual game genre– hidden objects game, makes a clever combination of both plot and game play that renders a complete sellable title with an outright fan-base to start with.

In addition to this perspective, the developers of the game, Ubisoft, made sure that the game upheld its franchise’s reputation and that it delivered well by employing the same motif of breadcrumb-trailing of evidences and portrayals of the generic sequences of events, much like in the T.V. series, to entice its supporters. Every single level is a complete case showcasing a story flow that is often times accompanied by side stories to complete an episode. This in turn gives the player the engaging experience of actively participating in the investigations accompanied of course by the CSI crew to gradually unfold every mystery in every case (or probably just the cool feeling of being in the actual drama itself).

Like in most hidden-objects games, the goal is to find relevant clues in a scene. You’ll be given a specific list of items to find and the key is not just to find them, but to find them fast. A faster turnaround of any given list will generate higher scores. Every time you reach a specified entry score when you complete a scene investigation, you’ll be rewarded with a badge that is mainly used for interviewing suspects or witnesses and close examination of collected evidences. And as you dwell on a case, your repeated investigation, successful interrogation, and examination of collected evidences will result to overall case progress that in return, will provide you necessary hints for finalizing a verdict and charging a suspect on the given case.

The game as a whole is well presented not only because it sports a good plot and gameplay as it also excels in its visual presentation. It may generally lack character animation and fluid scene transition but nevertheless, a praise-worthy level of dedication went in its theme design and artwork. The package also houses great audio that captivates the T.V. show’s mood and impression and will easily entice CSI crew-wanna-bees out there.

As with all free to download games nowadays, the only probable draw-back depends on your appetite for the game. In this game, an implemented movement penalty system in the form of energy points, will be deducted every time you perform an action. You could simply wait for your energy points to recover over a period of time or you could instantly remedy that by purchasing them as in-app-purchases (IAPs) from the game if you are impatient with these kinds of time restrictions.

Overall, CSI: Hidden Crimes is a great game to deduce. Not only that it is employing a good plot that fans and non-fans alike can relate to, but the intuitive casual gameplay can get you pretty hooked up for a long time. For gamers that are familiar with Bigfish game titles, this can easily be suggested as a great alternative for your average mobile platform mind-games, puzzles and tap-to-target games out there.

4.2 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 20th 2015

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Review by GuestAug 18th 2018
I really enjoy the game, about the right level of difficulty for me. My favorite part is trying to get as many in the time period. I also started the quests and would like to move forward there.
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