CSI: Hidden Crimes

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
CSI: Hidden Crimes Guide

1. Daily Online Bonuses

Daily bonuses are given every day as you play. The first few bonuses are merely coins but some significant bonuses like energy items will be rewarded to you as you progress. So keep the game daily posted to earn a hefty bunch of useful rewards.

2. Repeat, Memorize and do Combos

Every scene to investigate will generate the exact positions of every item every single time. The item list that is tasked is the only thing that changes. Repeat the stage over and over to memorize all pertaining items and their respective locations and click them as fast as you can. Faster turnaround of the items will generate a combo which basically is a score multiplier (has a gauge on top of the screen). This is especially useful when trying to earn badges/stars as it literally multiplies your score.

3. Free Hints

When you stumble upon misleading or non-recognizable objects, pressing onto the given word will show you what the item actually looks like in the scene. Using the HINT button is also pretty useful in case of pinch times during combos if you can’t find the last item. The good part is that they are free to use and limited only by a cool down time.

4. The Screenshot and Pause Exploit

Making a screenshot of an actual scene is a pretty sleek way to skip through the memorizing part. Whenever you try to start to investigate a scene, initially take a screenshot of the scene and press the home button of your mobile device right immediately after. This will temporarily pause the game timer as you scroll onto the image you have captured to accurately pinpoint every single item in the specified list. Repeat the process until you get all the items listed in record time. This greatly reduced overall completion time will proportionally increase your rewards every time you complete an investigation. This works just as great with the Time Attack mode.

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