Creatures of the Deep: Fishing

Creatures of the Deep Walkthrough and Guide

Creatures of the Deep: Fishing Guide

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Creauires of the Deep: Fishing is a relaxing and yet challenging fishing game from Infinite Dreams. Take it easy and cast out a line to build your collection of sea creatures and more.

Creatures of the Deep Walkthrough and Guide

In the game you will travel to a range of exotic locations and seek out unique ranges of fish and other sea creatures to complete your bestiary. Then also help clean up the oceans by collecting garbage and also wood to build up resources.

How to Fish in Creatures of the Deep

The main aim of Creatures of he Deep is to fish. You catch the fish and you sell the fish to make money to open new locations and buy better gear. There are a range of fish, creatures and other items that you can catch and you will be trying to find all of the elusive sea dwellers to complete the game.

Some of the fish and items that you will be looking for will require different tactics to give you the best chance. below is a quick guide to help you make the most of your angling adventures.

If you have any questions about playing Creatures of the Deep please check through the guides and help offered here or head over to the Answers Pages to ask for help there.

Creatures of the Deep Walkthrough and Guide

Fishing Methods

Fishing the game is easy. You cast and you wait for a bite, but there are several techniques to master to help you catch different types of fish.

When you see the fish silhouettes on the water surface you can tap near them to cast the line towards them to try to lure them in. Try not to land it too close as this can scare them away.

You will see if they are interested by the movements and then you need to watch for the blue ripples to indicate that the line is being pulled under. The fish may nibble one or more times before taking a bite so do not rush it, but once it is on you have a short time span to tap and reel it in.

The alternative to this is to drop and wait. For this you can cast your line in the water where there are no shadows moving. The downside is you do not know how long you may need to wait for a bite, (or even if they will be one) but for some fish types in some areas this is the best method.

A final method is the cast and reel in approach. Cast your line out long in the fishing area and then tap and hold the screen to slowly reel back in towards you. Hidden fish along the way be be attracted to the moving line and bite on.

This method also has a lower chance but it is easy to do and cover the fishing area quickly where there is little signs of movement and will help you with certain species.

Creatures of the Deep Walkthrough and Guide

Fishing Locations

In Creatures of the Deep there are currently 4 destinations that you can fish at. These are

Paradise Island

Great Lakes

Costa Rica



Creatures of the Deep Walkthrough and Guide

Each Destination that you unlock then has a fishing area separated into various named locations. And in each location there will be higher chances of catching specific fish and other items. You can check the pages for each location for more information on the types of fish you can find there and where to look for them.

As you sail around you will be able to spot likely fishing spots by the presence of shadows and bubbles in the water. These are not the only places that you can fish but they will give the best chances of getting a catch.

Rods & Bait

As you level up you will be able to unlock better rods to use, these will allow you to catch bigger fish and some of the bigger varieties. They will also be stronger so there should be less chance of them breaking and letting your catch get away.

You can also get bait and lures, these can be earned from catching enough fish or bought in the shop on the home island. They can either make catching all fish easier or specific lures can help you attract specific fish.

Fishing Times

Along with the locations and areas to check you should also consider the time that you play the game. As with real life fishing you can have better luck with certain species of fish at different times of the day.

The game does mimic this by making some fish easier to catch in the day or in the night. While some can be found at both times.

The game will follow your own time zone for its fishing clock and is set to recognise the hours between 8 pm and 4 am as night time. If you are having trouble finding some fish types make sure you are trying at different times of the day to increase your chances.

Creatures of the Deep Walkthrough and Guide


Time in the game is related to your own device local time. As some fish and other items are more likely to be found at certain times of the day it's useful to know the time periods that the game recognizes.

  • Morning | 4:00am - 12:00pm
  • Afternoon | 12:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Dusk | 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Night | 8:00pm - 4:00am

The time periods of Morning, Afternoon and Dusk all form part of the 'Day' time. Fish that are more likely to be found during the day can be found during these time periods.

Hints for Fishing

When looking for the fish to catch make sure to check the advice above and on the destination pages to make sure you are heading to the right places to give yourself the best chance of getting that catch.

You can try all of the various methods, some will favor a type fish or creature but trying all can give you chance to see what it biting in an area at any time.

As you level up and earn money you will be able to purchase the rods and lures or bait to make certain catches easier.

Take your time. This is a fishing game and like the real fishing experience it can take patience and a relaxed mind to get the rewards you seek.

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