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Creatures of the Deep: Fishing Guide
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Alaska is the fourth and currently the final Destination that you can unlock in Creatures of the Deep. Alaska features a very large map with lots of areas to explore around the central Port Harbour. As well as a new set of fish and other items to catch and a new Monster to find.

You can unlock travel to Alaska for 10000 coins, each journey to Alaska will then cost 200 Coins.

There are 62 discoveries including fish, creatures and items.


Arctic Char


Bigmouth Sculpin


Chum Salmon

Arctic Greyling

Rougheye Rockfish


Humpback Salmon

Soceye Salmon

King Salmon

Yellow Irish Lord


Atka Mackerel

Dolly Varden



Silver Salmon

Blue Lingcod

Pacific Sleeper Shark

Pacific Herring

Wolf Eel

Salmon Shark

Spiny Skate

Ocean Sunfish


Adelie Penguin

California Sea Cucumber

Moon Jelly

Beluga Whale


Red King Crab

Killer Whale

Polar Bear

Humboldt Squid

Rose Star

Spot Prawn

Razor Clam


Items / Trash


Life Jacket

Chip Bag



Blue Cassette Tape

Frozen Acorn

Gold Pan

Ham Can

Tetrix Floppy Disk 3.5

Moose Antler

Snow Shovel

Oil Barrel

Walrus Tusk


Gold Nugget

Inner Tube


Vinyl Record

Video Cassette

Snowman Hat



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