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Crazy Dino Park

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Crazy Dino Park is a fun building and exploration game with idle currency generation. Discover fossils and bring them to life to amaze park visitors and earn the money to continue your prehistoric digs.

This is an easy game to play but with plenty to do so check below for our hints and tips to get the most out of playing Crazy Dino Park

Crazy Dino Park Hints and Tips

The aim of the game is to discover the dino bones, make the dino's and earn cash. All to let you dig up more bones. As you collect the dinosaurs you will be able to merge them into better specimens which will bring in more income. This is good as the more you dig the more expensive it gets to dig again.

Your main income is from the ticket booth and the rate is determined by your popularity points. Each popularity point earns you 15 coins/hour. Upgrading your ticket booth extends your max idle time with 1 hr per upgrade, worth doing if you are an infrequent player. It doesn't increase your earnings per hour.

For extra coins remember to collect the ones dropped by the park visitors when you open a new dino crate. and you can also watch visitors to see them drop the odd coins from time to time at random.

Also look out for events, such as the VIP's, 'escaped dinosaur' or 'visitor in dinosaur enclosure'. It seems more likely for these to occur when your current amount of coins is low.

Don't worry about investing in decorations. They are purely decorative and don't affect your income.

Gems are hard to come by without spending money. Do invest if you can to support the developer, but unless you are in a hurry try to limit spending the gems on extra pickaxes for digging or speeding up enclosure and dino hatching.

When digging if you don't find all the bones then its a good idea to watch the ads for more pickaxes to try more digging spots. Leaving with bones missing is a waste. But as said above don't spend gems unless you are sure you can find what you need. If you watch a lot of ads in a short space of time though you can find they don't work anymore for a while.

You will find some 'interesting items' from time to time while digging. In general they don't have any value although a few give you perks. Keep collecting them though to earn gems.

Keep an eye out for eggs, crystal and speckled eggs. These can be placed in the incubator to get a dinosaur and have a good rate of earning special dinosaurs, but they don't guarantee one.

We hope these tips were useful to you. If you have any further questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there. Happy digging.. and don't trust your entire parks computer systems to 1 guy
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