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Crazy Defense Heroes: Tower Defense Strategy Game
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Version: 3.5.3 | In-Game Purchases

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Crazy Defense Heroes is a Tower Defense game where you can actually earn to play! We'll be looking at tips for the game, as well as everything you need to earn tokens and NFT in Crazy Defense Heroes.

Crazy Defense Heroes Game Tips

First of all let's look at how to play the game and some of the things you can do to get off to a great start.

1. Open Chests
Whenever you get a chance open chests, they will give you the materials that you need to upgrade your towers. Upgrading your towers is essential. Basically if you don't upgrade the towers you use, then you probably won't get very far in the game!

2. Focus your Upgrades
So you have the materials from completing levels and opening chests to upgrade your towers. Our advice is to not upgrade everything at the beginning, try to focus on the towers you actually will be most likely to use.

You only have a limited number of slots of towers that you can choose in the game, so there is no point in upgrading 10 different towers if you only plan to use 5 or 6 different ones.

3. Look out for map damage cards
In your lineup of cards, it's good to have a card that will also give damage to enemies on the map, that is not a tower, so for example a trap, or the arrows, which are great at hitting a bunch of enemies that your towers and heroes may not get to.

4. Upgrade during gameplay
Remember that as well as upgrading your towers before the start of a level, you can also upgrade your towers during gameplay too. This will greatly help you complete each level.

5. Position your heroes well

Your heroes on the map can die, they come back to life after a cool down, but you don't really want to overwork them so they become unavailable for a short period of time due to the respawn cooldown. Try to let your towers do the work, and have your heroes pick off the scraps.

6. Excess Energy
Not playing for a while... Then use your excess energy by clicking the Scavenge option from the main game screen, this allows you to use your energy to get materials that you would have won from earlier completed levels.

7. Unlock Quests
Unlock Quests for Great Rewards
Unlock Quests for Great Rewards

Complete the first island to unlock quests in the game which is another great way to get more rewards quickly. Check back regularly on the quests page to see what you need to do and if any quests have been completed and the reward is ready to collect.

How to get free gems

Free gems can be given out in chest, but in the shop you'll also be able to see a lot of other free ways to get free gems in Crazy Defense Heroes.
Free Gems
Free Gems

These free ways to get gems often involve downloading a different game and reaching a certain level. Check out your list to see if any are of interest to you.

How to get more energy?

To play the game you'll need to use game energy, this is replenished over time, and can also be gained in some chests or as rewards, but you can also get some extra energy by watching a video ad if one is available.
Get More Energy for Free
Get More Energy for Free

To get this option, try to start a level when you don't have enough energy to play it, you then may get offered a video ad to watch in return for energy.

How can I earn money with Crazy Defense Heroes?

It is possible to earn Tower Tokens by playing Crazy Defense Heroes. The requirements for this may change from time to time, but basically you need to reach a certain level of XP to share in the monthly distribution of Tower Tokens. These Tower Tokens could then be redeemable for other crypto currencies such as Ethereum or USDC via a wallet such as Meta Mask

This can be a complicated process, so we will be making a full guide on how to earn in Crazy Defense Heroes with every step covered.
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