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Crazy Defense Heroes: Tower Defense Strategy Game
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Crazy Defense Heroes: Tower Defense Strategy Game Guide


Crazy Defense Heroes is a tower defense game with a twist - You can earn money by playing! Okay well not exactly money, but you can get a share of their Tower crypto token if you get enough EXP in the game during a month. You can then convert that Tower token into another crypto currency and eventually cash it out.

It's a bit of a process and we don't really know at this point how much it is possible to earn, but it's an interesting idea and great to get rewarded potentially for playing what looks to actually be a really well made Tower Defense game.

In this guide we'll be looking at all the steps involved in participating in the Play to Earn part of this game and also take a look at the NFT collectibles aspect of the game too, how to get them and if they can be resold anywhere.

We may even drop in a few hints and tips too which we'll be learning as we play through the game.


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