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Cooking Diary

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Take over GrandPa's restaurant in Tasty Hills in this order filling/time-management game.

There are a lot of similar games around in the this genre, and more specifically a lot of restaurant based time management games. Why choose this one? Well we love the look and feel of it and how you are able to get into the game quickly and easily without being annoyed by a relentless stream of ads.

Actually in the time I've spent playing it so far, I have not seen an ad yet! The game is free to download and play, but there are in-app purchases if you want to buy extras to help you upgrade your items in the game.

The idea is that you fill the customer orders in the most time efficient manner as possible, here are a few Cooking Diary Tips below.

Cooking Diary Tips

1) Start cooking before the orders come in.
To be as efficient as possible you should start to prepare some items before you need them. For example the drinks dispensers should always have a glass of juice and cola ready. If you've unlocked the tray, then it should have a burger ready. If you have the assistant, then he should also have a burger. That way, once you receive the orders, there will be less waiting around.

Don't forget to fill the items back as soon as you use them

2) Upgrade Stuff
Upgrading your items and restaurant are essential for progress in the game. Some items can only be upgraded with gems, so be careful as there is a limited supply to win in the game for free.

3)Log in Daily for the daily bonus

I you have any other Cooking Diary Tips, please drop us a note in the comments with your tips.
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I really enjoy Cooking Diary. In order to do well it requires some forethought, & can be somewhat frustrating at times. Overall, though, I like both the play & the interaction with other guild members.
4.3 / 5.0

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