Clash of Clans

How it works

How it works
Clash of Clans Guide

There are two primary elements to Clash of Clans. The first, is the base-building and tower defense part of the game. This has you purchasing buildings, some of them in order to build an army, but most-importantly in order to defend your base. You can pick the likes of Cannons and Mortars, as well as traps such as Bombs. These will all aid in the physical defense of your base, damaging enemy troops that pass too close to them. You also have Walls at your disposal, which allow you to channel enemies where you want them to go, and to protect high value structures such as your Town Hall.

The second element is the attacking one. For this, you use first use your base to create troops, before picking an enemy base to attack. These can be AI enemies or human players. Before you attack, you have the chance to skip the base, if it looks to tough. If you do choose to attack, then you can pick the locations that you want your troops to deploy, and leave them to it. What troops you choose to take, and where you decide to place them, are all key in deciding your success. Troops are trained at the Barracks, after which they wait patiently for your orders to attack.

How it works
Every time you attack an enemy base, you are given a star rating. This ranges from one star, for destroying at least 50 percent of the enemy base, to three stars, for wiping out the whole thing, including their Town Hall. From a defensive point of view, if you are able to successfully prevent your enemy from destroying 50% of your own base, then that counts as a victory.

In addition, you also have achievements to earn which give you access to the premium currency in the game, Gems. Managing your supply of Gems along with Gold and Elixir, the two other main resources, is key to ensuring your buildings can be regularly upgraded and your armies well supplied.
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