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Best Base Layouts

Best Base Layouts
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In an ideal world, you will build as many sets of Walls as you possibly can, surrounding all of your important stuctures with them and making it nigh on impossible for enemies to penetrate them. However, this takes a lot of money, so in this section of the guide we will look at some of the best base layouts if you do not quite have all the money in the world to plough into the game.

Single Wall Base:

The idea behind this layout is to protect all of your most important structures will Walls early in the game. Should you not have enough to make a complete circle of Wall around all of your structures, just put the most important inside it. That should be the Town Hall first and foremost, followed by your resource collectors - everything else can be safely placed outside the Walls. Even if your enemies destroy every structure that you place outside, you should not suffer a two or three star defeat. Once you have more money, you can then expand your Walls to fit the other buildings inside.

Something else to remember with this strategy is that even if you cannot afford a connected Wall the whole way round your base, you can always concentrate your defensive structures on a single gap. Most enemies will focus on an area with no Wall, so it is a good way to try to force them into your strongest defensive buildings.

Make sure you have increased the number of Walls you have before you regularly start seeing enemy Giants, as they can easily break through.

Best Base Layouts
Multiple Walled Base:

It has to be said early on that this strategy is only possible once you have levelled up and have a decent amount of money to spend on Walls. You may never get to the stage where you can build two whole sets of Walls around your base, so this method suggests you place your Town Hall right in the center of the base. Then, it should be surrounded with square sections of Wall, each with defensive buildings within. The idea behind this is that enemies who use strong units such as Giants will attack the defensive weapons as a priority, but as those are protected by their own section of Wall, they are wasting a lot of time.

If you try to make sure that defensive structures have overlapping zones of fire, then they will be able to protect each other while fending off enemy attacks. As you get more and more money, you can begin to put individual buildings in their own square of Wall. If you don't have enough money yet, then feel free to put more buildings in each area.

Multiple Zoned Base:

This strategy requires you to have two completely separate square bases, each with its own Wall. Normally, the enemy will attack the one with the Town Hall in as a priority, but by putting your other important structures in the secondary base, you will ensure that they are very unlikely to get a three star victory. The ideal way to perform this strategy is to build the two zones close enough so that some defenses, such as Mortars, for example, can reach both. Otherwise, you may have realised the big disadvantage with this tactic - your defenses are just as split as the attackers.

The best thing with this is to watch what enemies do in the replay of their attacks - try to learn whether people split their army or all focus on the Town Hall (as is often the case). You can then tailor what defenses you have in which zone around that.

Trap Base:

For this tactic, you are trying to outwit or bluff your opponents. You want to build your base in such a way that there appears to be a clear weak point in it. For example, you could leave a section of single Wall in an otherwise double-walled base. Most players will then attack the single Wall as the easiest route in. At this point, you want to make sure you have suitable defenses to defeat the massed enemies in this section.

The more intelligent players will see that you have deliberately left that section of the base vulnerable, and may attack elsewhere - as above, use replays to see what people are doing with what you have presented them.

Best Base Layouts
Unit Diversion Base:

This base draws on the fact that some of the units in the game have preferred buildings to attack. For example, Goblins will try to get to Resource Collectors, while Giants and Wallbreakers will attack Walls. Once you have used replays to learn where enemies tend to deploy their armies, you can place certain structures - even just a single piece of Wall, in the open or away from the most important part of your base, to draw them away.

In doing this, you will make it so half the enemy army goes one way, and the other half will be in disarray. It takes a lot of perfecting, and some of the more experience players may notice what you are trying to do, but it is a fun and clever way to build your base.

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