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Build Base Tips

Build Base Tips
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May 22nd 2017 saw SuperCell release the much anticipated Builder Base Update. This basically allows you to develop a second camp and have cool 1vs1 battles as well as allow special upgrades to your original main camp, such as converting your canons to double canons.

We are writing this page just a few days after the launch of the builder base update so expect this page to be updated as time goes on.

The first tip we can give is to protect your existing weapon on the builder base, you can do this by closing the wall up around the canon, you are probably want to upgrade your builder base town hall as soon as you can and this will unlock more defenses and upgrades.

You should also unlock the second army camp as soon as possible and upgrade the star laboratory and get as much research done as possible as this will vastly improve your attacking forces.

Unlock the tesla as soon as you can because otherwise you may find yourself losing every time to beta minions.

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