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Review by GuestSep 6th 2023

This game is rigid I think can pass and doesn't give you enough lives or stuff to used to blow stuff up sorry to say.

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Review by GuestSep 2nd 2023

Agree.....the only way to move on is to spend real this point it’s time to delete the game.

Poor sportsmanship on behalf of the game designers.

The player enjoyment of playing the game is not their end goal.

It’s getting your dollars.

Heads up!!!

You can build 3-4 cars tops

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Review by GuestSep 2nd 2023

I totally agree this game is false advertisement I thought it would be a pretty good game they claim you don't need money or a WI-FI connection I don't know about the WI-FI part but it's definitely not free to play only to a certain level and then your stuck for weeks and still haven't passed the level yet so as it turns out my review of the game is absolutely a ZERO I'M DELETING THE GAME RIGHT NOW AFTER THIS REVIEW GAME OVER YOU DO NOT PASS GO YOU DO NOT COLLECT $200.00 YOU GO TO GAME JAIL UNLESS YOU CAN POST BOND.

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Review by GuestAug 30th 2023

The game is built so hard in which the player should eventually rely on chance to win. Most levels throughout middle of the game onward, designed to spend money on promo packs in order to get through. It’s waste of time.

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Review by GuestAug 19th 2023

It's a great game most of the time.

Then you get a level (not meant to be a hard level), and it's harder to do than a hard level.

Then when you finally complete it the next level is a hard level. Not good when it can take cople weeks to do 1 level.

I used to play it 3-4 times a day, now only play once or twice.

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Review by GuestJul 25th 2023

For a game about building cars to much time is wasted on having to play a candy crush style game repeatedly to go Lu get to do a couple things to cars before back to playing again. You spend more time trying to get coins to build than building. Add to the fact you have to waste coins and time on a story lines in the game that you have to spend coins on that aren’t really about building cars but playing match maker and fixing so called life issues.It’s not worth the download in its current format

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Review by GuestJul 15th 2023

Great game it don't drag out levels forever like most earn coins to complete a task games or as I like to call them any of the scape games just wish I knew what to do with the green gemstones

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