Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends

Cell to Singularity Cheats and Tips

Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends
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Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends

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What appears to be a complicated game is actually a really different idle clicker with educational undertones, check out our Cell to Singularity tips to get building your universe in no time at all.

Cell to Singularity Cheats and Tips

You star the game with the sun and just a rock to the right of this, will will become the Earth. Start tapping the earth to gain the upgrade power you need to start unlock stuff.

This game will allow you to upgrade and unlock things really fast, especially with a bit of tapping.

Over on the bottom right you'll see the upgrade tree, this basically tells the story of evolution and is really interesting to take a bit of time to read and see what is going on.

It doesn't really matter what you choose to upgrade as eventually you'll unlock everything. Some of the items can be upgraded multiple times, such as DNA. The more you unlock and upgrade the more power you'll earn while you are not tapping in the game.

Best Tapping Technique
If you are one finger tapper, then you are certainly missing out on not maximizing the power you are getting from your taps. Try a three finger tap where you use your three middle things and kind of drum on the screen rapidly.

It doesn't matter what screen you tap on, each will give the same amount of power per tap.

Upgrade Everything
Unlock everything and upgrade whatever you can, look out for milestone bonuses such as when DNA, Amino Acid and Pokaryotic Cells reach levels 25 and 50.

If you want to picky as to what to upgrade read what happens when you unlock or upgrade something and read the effect of the upgrade on your idle power gain, some will really start to get your earnings going. The Flatworm for example and Flatworm upgrades to start to significantly add to your per second power gain.

Unlocking the Underwater
Things get even more interesting once you unlock underwater life. For example Sponge, unlock that to start your life underwater

Watch out for special items to tap
From time to time you'll see special items fly across the screen tap them for a boost. For example a Quantum charge.

Look out for the Mysterious Rock
This is the key to unlocking an other evolutionary branch, tap the mysterious rock when you have reached that milestone to unlock a new evolutionary branch.
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