Caustic 3.2 Synth Elements Pack 5

Caustic 3.2 Synth Elements Pack 5

Teoti Graphix, LLC
Version: 1.0 | Teoti Graphix, LLC

This pack contains 16 high quality stereo, equalized and compressed Caustic PCMSynth presets especially designed for the Caustic App and memory concerns of mobile devices.

Each Caustic PCMSynth preset contains 14 mapped and looped wav samples, 2 wav samples per octave.

Important: If you intend to keep the pack for reinstall/multiple device install, the apk must be installed for 2+ hours after your initial purchase and download (Per Google Play policy).

Watch the video promo to see the quality of the synths included. This synth set was designed high quality sounds, full octave playing.

The PCMSynth presets are also a great sound bed foundation for Modular layering with the MachineInput module.

The installer extracts the presets into the root/caustic directory on your device.

Installation location; [root]/caustic/presets/pcmsynth/tg-bass2

Once installed, the installer APK can be safely uninstalled from the device.

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