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Blood Brothers 2

Blood Brothers 2: A pick up turn based RPG.

Blood Brothers 2 is a freemium turn based strategy RPG by DeNAcorp released on May 22, 2015. You start out as a lowly commander who gets elevated to the status of master in a matter of minutes after your first tutorial battle.

The story itself is surprisingly decent with many parts of it told in the middle of combat. It still has the generic elements but with the morality system that is in place, there is the feeling that your choices to have some effect. Whether it is what other captains you are able to capture, or even just a quick change in enemy dialogue you still see the consequences of your actions.

The gameplay itself is pretty simple. You take your battalion made up of five different captains to capture your opponent’s castle. The layout of the path to the opposing stronghold changes by chapter in the story but the battle sequences are always the same. When you engage with an enemy commander the ensuing battle that takes place is a 3 on 3 where you choose to engage them with cavalry, infantry, or archers. You then select whatever group you think is best suited to engage the other three captains on the opposing end. Then the battle ensues, and with more time you can unleash a special ability onto your adversaries. Each captain has their own unique special attack so it is important to create a team where these can synergize and create an all-out massacre for the enemy. It does get repetitive at times though it will still keep you on your toes.

The PvP is a nice addition to any game like this. It does suffer from the pay to win model at times. It can get demoralizing when you are able to burn through the story mode and then get smashed in a matter of seconds by a number of lower level units. Unfortunately, this happens in quite a few games that have microtransactions and a PvP arena.

Visually, it’s nothing to write home about. It’s so-so. The textures are bland and uninspired for a vast majority of the captains and the background. The amount of detail put into the epic and legendary captains is quite impressive. The sound is on par as well. The music is standard fair fantasy battle music. The clanging of the swords and the sound of arrows being shot is a nice detail though. You have the option of purchasing blood gems through the in-game store, the price ranges from 5 for $4.99 up to 150 for $99.99. However, you can gather up quite a few gems just by playing the game regularly but, the option is still there.

For anybody who likes strategy and turn based games don’t pass this game up. The story is surprisingly good for a freemium game and the different captain skills allow you to figure out what play style works best for you. The only major pitfall is the pay to win feeling of the PvP. Admittedly, you can’t hold the game or developers accountable for this, it’s just a symptom of freemium gaming. The final verdict, download this game if you enjoy intricate strategy in which having a successful battle takes more than throwing something at a wall and seeing what sticks.

4.2 / 5.0
review by Mr.Steve | Jun 10th 2015

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