Archero Bracelets Tier List (January 2023)

by SanzanoSep 16th 2021
Archero Bracelets Tier List
Archero Bracelets Tier List

Bracelets in Archero provide unique effects that can help you during the game. When bracelets are upgraded, you will increase the effects of their abilities, such as damage for example. Our Archero Bracelets Tier List will help you make sure you invest in the best bracelet or the one that best suits your playstyle.
SS Tier: Frozen Bracelet
Randomly freezes 2-6 enemies for 1.5 – 2.5 seconds. This effect is particularly useful for not getting instantly attacked by multiple enemies when you enter a room, during the small amount of time it allows you to determine what foes you will be facing and act accordingly. The downside to the Frozen Bracelet is that it does not deal damage, but this is not really a big factor as the other bracelets don't deal much damage anyway.

S Tier: Thunder Bracelet
This bracelet deals 2-8 times random lightning damage to nearby enemies; damage amount is also random. This is probably the second-best bracelet you can have, and would get the top spot if it wasn't so unreliable and squishy.

A Tier: Quickshot Bracelet
Invincible Star Time. This bracelet will raise your attack speed for several seconds when you first enter a new room. Your increased attack rate will boost all your stats and skills. Although useful, the Quickshot bracelet is not as effective as the freeze and lightning effects of the top two bracelets on this list.

A Tier: Invincible Bracelet
Be protected by Invincible Stars lasting 2.2 seconds when encountering enemies. The Invincible bracelet only has one real use and that is to protect you from sudden attacks when you enter a new room, and this only happens on rare occasions, which makes this bracelet not that useful.

B Tier: Split Bracelet
Spawns Shadow Clones lasting for 4 - 8 seconds. If it wasn't for the Shadow Clones disappearing before they can make a real impact, this bracelet would have got the top spot.

C Tier: Blazing Bracelet
Randomly burns 2-3 enemies for 1.8 – 2.4 seconds. The Blazing Bracelet is not very effective when compared with the freeze effect you get from the Frozen Bracelet, which can potentially deal with twice as many enemies.

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