Archer: Danger Phone

Archer: Danger Phone

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If you have always wanted to don a tactical turtleneck and take on the worlds deadliest mission as the worlds greatest secret agent, or failing that as Archer, then this is not quite the mission you wanted.. but it is close.

This idle money making game pits the genius of Krieger against the worlds economy as you help him manipulate his coworkers into developing his new crypto-currency to take over the financial world.

Unlock the characters, side stories, drink cocktails and of course shoot some bad guys for good measure. All while perfecting your money generating scheme.

If you have any questions for playing Archer: Danger Phone head over to the situation room .. I mean Answers Page and be careful of your phrasing.
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I swear I had something for this
I swear I had something for this
Archer: Danger Phone is a new idle simulation game from East Side Games Studio based on the hit TV show Archer. With all the favourite characters and the same humor it appeals ..Read full review
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