Archer: Danger Phone

Archer: Danger Phone

I swear I had something for this

Archer: Danger Phone is a new idle simulation game from East Side Games Studio based on the hit TV show Archer. With all the favourite characters and the same humor it appeals strongly to fans and may even win some new ones.

If you have enjoyed the show then the references, jokes and premise of the game will definitely bring a smile although the game play, while fitting and well thought out is no as exciting as you might have hoped.

As an idle generator game your job is to run and re run simulations based on Kriegers attempts to develop a cryptocurrency, the Kriegerrand, to run the worlds economy. This involves unlocking and upgrading rooms and characters in virtual simulations.

During each simulation run you will be treated to a lot of cut scenes and scenarios based on the show and with the same style and humor but while there are a lot of sound bites and musical cues from the show the scenes themselves do not offer actual voice acting or commentary.

As you play though you do need to remind yourself that it is an idle game and unless you want to spend money rushing progress you will have to wait for some time although some help can be had in the form of watching ads. And the useful free cases of items that you can collect every 4 hours. There is the odd boost of action as each simulation ends and you get to complete a brief shootout to gain extra rewards.

It is a fun game to get into, especially if you are familiar with the characters, but its slower pace, especially as you level up makes it a slow burner.

If you have any questions for playing this game please head to the answers page.
4.1 / 5.0
review by AppGamer | Oct 11th 2020

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