Arcane Soul

Version: 1.0.6 | 9+

< Coming Soon! >
1. Game mode reorganization
(1) Adventure
- Increased item drop rate
(2) Defense
** Increased gold drop rate
- Removed score mark
- Changed moster's level starts from 1 as same as wave
- Added wave skip function by the 5 waves, starts in game by spending gold
(3) Survival
** Increased the EXP acqire rate
- Removed score mark
- Changed the difficulty of the game depends on the wave, not the survival time
- Changed the moster's level to start from level 1 as same as wave
- Added wave skip function by the 5 waves, starts in game by spending gold
2. Enchant system
(1) Changed to no gold requires to enchant
(2) Readjusted the enchant rune price
(3) Improved to having significant enchantment effect of the equipment in the very low level
3. Luke's skill
(1) Fire Shield: Increase the damage to monster
(2) Dark Gate: Increased damage, increased hitting range and increased the number of targets to attack.
(3) Slash Dash: Changed type of knockback and last slash

< Changed Matter - 2014.08.19 >
1. Resolved the ‘slow motion’ problem in the high resolution device.
2. Improved effect when the item drops from moster.
3. Resolved ‘force close’ problem during game pad mode play.
4. Improved frame skip option.
5. Improved button touch range.
6. Decrease the difficulty of the dungeon if the dungeon level is higher than character’s level.
7. Character Skill upgrade
- Luke: Spin Cleave, Rapid Slash, Slash Rush
- Ellisa: Basic Attack, Sting Kick, Axe Hill, Upper Kick, Flaming Lance, Storm Spin, Sword Gust
- Lith: Flurry Shot, Summon Wisp

< Game Introduction >
Defeat the wicked evil groups with the sword of unparalleled magical power and experience the thrill of adventure!
ArcaneSoul is Hack and Slash action RPG!
Make your character more powerful by leveling up, obtaining skills and collecting and strengthening items to battle with ever stronger monsters!
* Game Features
[Characters] You may play with a total of 3 characters including a 1 supplementary character!
[Skills] 47 different skills total!
[Battles] Dynamic battle using active, command skill, jump, and running attack and more!
[Item Farming] Collect items with a 45 different options total!
[Graphic] 60FPS of smooth gameplay!
1. All your game data will be reset if you delete the installed game from the device.
2. Gamepad supported.
3. There are no additional downloads needed after the game download.
4. The game is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Brazilian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Korean.
5. The language settings for the games can be changed within the game.
[Customer Service Center]
If you have any inquiries regarding the game, please contact us using the following emails.
* [email protected]
* Facebook :

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