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Animal Escape, as developed by Fun Games for Free, is an endless runner type of game that is free for download for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Being a “freemium” game, the IAPs in this game are quite a handful. The range and variety of purchases in this game are quite varied and diverse. Being also somewhat of a survival game, purchasing life in-game is one important thing that is offered. Aside from that, players are offered loads more to buy—like unlocking the animals to use and increasing the number of slots for power-ups.

One thing I somehow find annoying in this game are the prevalence of advertisements. Luckily though, running for your dear life from the pesky farmer is not interrupted by ads just popping here and there or an ill-placed advertisement in the screen. The only advertisement I saw while playing was a small bottom advertisement that I don’t find intrusive or disturbing at all. Apart from that unassuming advertisement, the game has a lot of full screen advertisements that pop-out as soon as you finish a stage. In all honesty, I believe those pop-out ads seem to break my momentum and since this game seems to provide you with a rush of escape, then there may be times that clicking on those ads would come as no surprise.

As the title implies, the basic premise of the game is for you to outwit and survive one angry farmer who is bent on having your neck. Players begin their intense getaway by playing as a rooster, whose crows would surely keep any player entertained. The rooster is not the only animal that players can get their hands on as the game offers other playable animals like cows, horses, sheep, and pigs—which can be unlocked and played by reaching a certain level or perhaps by going down the usual road of IAPs. There may be a couple of different chickens and cows to try but the only difference I see would be the innate speed the animal has.

Gameplay is simple and straightforward as the players will only have to swipe up, down, left and right in order to hurriedly maneuver the poor animal to make a run for its life. The basic idea to ace the game is to escape the farmer at the shortest possible time while also, carefully avoiding obstacles along the way. Sounds easy enough right? But when you start crashing onto those trucks and boxes then will you realize that running away from an angry farmer is not at all an easy task. But once you've finished the stage and escape the heartless farmer, the animal rewards the player with a very fulfilling and entertaining victory dance that may make the player start dancing too.

Knowing that chicken or a cow may never win against an angry farmer, the game gives the poor animals a chance to make it out of the farm alive by leaving a trail of power-ups along the way. Power ups come in the form of a spring coil, that gives your animal the ability to jump higher than usual; a helmet, that makes the animal indestructible even after bumping the obstacles; and a rocket, that makes the animal fly up and over all the hurdles in place. Of course, these power-ups are only effective for a certain time so you would have to maximize the use of these items wisely. In addition, the game also sprinkles the path with corn to empower your chosen animal with a much-needed speed boost after collecting a certain number of corn (Although I am not yet certain why corn is the only item available for boost. Maybe it would have been best if the developers offered a different food item for the different animals). With all these power-ups and items available on the animal’s pathway, it is important for the player to strategize on what power-ups to use. For instance, once you pick-up the rocket, you forego the chance to acquire all the corn laying on the ground--so, in essence, you must choose wisely, and of course, quickly too!

Animal Escape, as their website suggests, is a game that is well suited for everyone--of all ages. With that, the game’s 3D graphics supports this idea by being presented in a very comical and entertaining way. I personally enjoyed the game’s animation as I find it very engaging and yet fun to watch too--especially the victory dance the animal performs after finishing a stage. The sound, though simple, is well-suited for the game.

In conclusion, Animal Escape is a simple game that is easy to enjoy and put down, if need be. As simple as it may be, some people even claim it to be addicting. Personally I would not be quick to brand the game as addictive although I may label it as something indulging in one way or another.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private | Mar 8th 2015

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