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8 Ball Pool™

Is it a bug? Scenario: Only 8 ball left. Both the players are not trying..

Question Posted by Prasad on

Is it a bug?
Scenario: Only 8 ball left. Both the players are not trying to pot the 8 ball indoubt of missing it. Both the 8 ball & cue ball are near to the rail and each player is hitting the 8 ball to the rail with out making a foul.

The shot is cue ball hits the 8 ball, the 8 ball hits the rail and it may or may not hit back the cue ball after hitting the rail.

After few shots one of the player is getting an option to place the cue ball at needed position.

I hope the shots with very slight movements of 8 ball hitting the rail and hitting back cue ball are not tracked properly because of a bug in the game.

I can record a video and send it.


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