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Wordle Beginner Tips and Tricks
Wordle Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you to solve Wordle in six guesses or fewer.

Have a Strategy

There are thousands of potential solutions to Wordle and the odds of you guessing it is very slim. The best way to solve the Wordle puzzle is to have a strategy, if you approach it logically you will have more success. To begin with you should make sure that your first guess is a word that has popular letters in it. This would be a word that will have three to four vowels. Good starting words are OILED, ABOUT, or ADIEU. When you use this tactic you either eliminate or confirm five of the most popular letters in the English language.

Use the Same First Word

Always use the same first word for every Wordle game as having a first word that contains popular letters means you will be giving yourself the best chance to solve the Wordle puzzle in potentially fewer turns.

Take your Time

You have 24 hours to solve the Wordle Puzzle so once you are happy with your first word you should pause for thought while you consider your second turn. Look at the letters you have remaining to guess and see if there are any words that immediately jump out to you straight away. By doing this you will be able to narrow down your options before you commit to your second turn. Remember you have plenty of time to think and contemplate which letters to use, so there is no need to rush.

Double Letters

Keep in mind if you get stuck on a word and the other letters make sense there is a possibility that the answer uses the same letter more than once. This basically means that just because you have one green or yellow letter in your solution that the same letter doesn't appear again. You can sometimes figure out whether you need to repeat a letter by paying attention to the letters you have available. It is important that you factor double letters into your strategy.

Don't Forget Less Popular Letters

If you are struggling after the first couple of turns you may need to start thinking about the less popular letters of the alphabet as there is always the possibility the solution contains one of these letters, so make sure you don't forget about them. An example of this is the word QUERY.

Wordle Archive

There is a Wordle Archive available which offers you the opportunity to practice by playing all the game's earlier puzzles. This is a great way to practice guessing words and prepare for the latest daily puzzle.

Wordle Uses American Spelling

If you are playing Wordle outside the United States it is crucial that you remember that the game uses US spelling. Forgetting this can be the difference between a broken or continued streak of successful solving. An example of this is FAVOR which a British English speller will spell as FAVOUR.


If you are really struggling to find a word that fits your remaining letters, green tiles, and yellow tiles you can always cheat by getting help from a word-finder website. Doing this though takes away the satisfaction of knowing you beat the game with your own wits, so this should really only be your last resort.

Take a look at our Best Starting Words guide to get the best possible start with your first word in Wordle.

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