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How to Play Wordle
How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a web-based puzzle game where you are required to guess a new 5-letter word every day, in six tries or less, and everyone gets the same word. This How to Play Wordle guide will tell you everything you need to know about this simple, no frills game.

You will not find Wordle in either the App or Android store, the only way you can play the game officially is via the creator website www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/ using a mobile or desktop browser. Once you are on the Wordle page you can attempt your first stab at the 5-letter word of the day. There are several strategies players use but the most successful and logical one is to start by choosing a word that has at least 3-4 vowels in it. Doing this will narrow down the possible word choices significantly as the word you are trying to figure out will likely contain one of those vowels, and it gives you something to work on with your remaining attempts.

Once you have typed your word you simply have to hit 'Enter'. If you get lucky and just so happen to guess a letter correctly and in the right place, it will become green. If you put a correct letter in the wrong place it will be orange. The boxes with the missing letters will turn black. Keep in mind that some words will use a letter twice and guessing it correctly in one position will not alert you to the second appearance of the letter. If you enter a fake word a 'Not in word list' message will appear on screen. Underneath the five rows of boxes is a keyboard where The letters that you guess wrong (not in the word) will be black while the letters you haven't guessed yet will be in light gray. When you guess the word correctly all the letters in the row will turn green and the compliment 'Impressive' will appear on screen.

Wordle is a very popular game and it is possible for players to share their scores daily on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms by completing the puzzle and selecting 'Share' on the pop-up menu. The 'Share' option will copy your score to your clipboard which you can then past it to the social media you want to display it.

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