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Underground Blossom Walkthrough

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Underground Blossom Walkthrough
Underground Blossom Walkthrough

This is a complete Underground Blossom walkthrough, all 7 chapters of the game are covered from start to finish.

The complete version of Underground Blossom has how been released, and it is available for purchase in the Play Store.

Crib Station Achievements in Chapter 1

Here are the achievements for this chapter.

  • Departing Crib Station: Complete Chapter 1.
  • Fast metabolism: Get the baby to **** in her diaper.
  • Are you proud of yourself?!: Tap the baby lots of times until you get the achievement.
  • Bronze cube: Find the bronze cube in Chapter 1.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough Chapter 1 Crib Station

You start the game at a train station. Tap the train doors to enter the train which will take you Crib Station.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

There is also a case there, you can tap it all you want, but nothing will come out of it!

When you arrive tap the doors again to leave the train where you will meet Rose Vanderbloom.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Tap Rose, she is the lady next to the pram, to start an interaction with her.

She tells you you'll need to look after her daughter who is in the pram.

First of all, we'll need what is in the brief case, so tap that to focus on it, and click the locks on either side, this should open it up.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Inside the briefcase you will find a box of matches, and a bottle. Tap on each item to take them and put them in your inventory.

Next zoom back out into the first scene and tap to go right, you'll see a box on the floor, tap that to zoom in.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Tap the box to open it up and take both the cloth and the file.

Attending to the Baby

Head back to the pram, and click it.

There is a safety pin near the head of the baby, click that to add it to your inventory.

Tap the blanket to uncover the baby.

First of all tap the bottle of milk that is in your inventory and click the baby to give it to her. Then click the cloth and drag it to the baby, it should then place itself under her. Then tap the safety pin that is in your inventory and tap the cloth that is now under the baby, it should now turn into a diaper for the baby.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Next you have to make her fill her diaper, to do this, tap the diaper and soon she we fill her diaper, if it doesn't automatically go in your inventory, tap it to put it there.

There are a couple of achievements that you can get here:

  • Fast metabolism: Tap the diaper when she is wearing it and holding the bottle to make her **** in it.
  • Are you proud of yourself?!: Keep poking the baby a little more than you need to until you get the achievement star.

Exit from the baby scene and tap to go left where there is the ticket office and metal bin.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Tap the metal bin to zoom in, then tap the lid to slide it open and again to drop it to the floor, drag the dirty diaper to the open bin.

With the diaper in the bin, drag your matches over to the bin and it will ignite the contents.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

While the bin is on fire, tap it to make it explode and take the scraper from the floor.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Get the gold key

Go back to where the box was on the floor, there is a drain on the floor too, tap that to zoom in, you'll notice that one of the bars is nearly broken, use the file that you found earlier on the bar to break it completely. Tap the broken bar a couple of times to add it to your inventory. Use the broken bar (rod) on the gold key that is also in the drain, this will push it to where you can grab it.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

So when you can, tap the gold key to add it to your inventory.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

While you are still in this area, use the scraper on the poster that is on the wall. So first of all, tap the poster to zoom in, then tap your scraper, then the poster lots of time to reveal the message 'The Future Will Arrive'.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

There is also a symbol underneath, which you'll need to take note of.

Get the time for the station clock

Go back to Rose and tap her again, notice the gold item near her waist? Tap that, and select the parts of it that exactly match the symbol on the poster. When you get it correct, it will turn into a clock with the time 10:15

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Zoom out, then tap left of right until you get the part of the station with the large clock. Here you rotate the hands until you get the time 10:15. When you have done this a train will arrive with a conductor.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Click the train doors to open them and click on the train conductor to bring him into focus.

Tap his pocket and it will open, tap it again to get the coin that is hidden in there. If you tap his face he'll ask for your ticket, you don't have that yet, but you do have some money now, so head back to the ticket office.

Once you get to the ticket office, tap ticket counter 1 and use the gold key that you picked up earlier on the lock, then drag up to open up the office, there is a lady in there.

You can try tapping her, but it won't work, you'll need something a bit stronger, so use your rod from the broken drain to wake her up by prodding her.

Now she is awake, tap her and she'll ask for your coin, give it to her and she'll give you a ticket.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

Go back to the train conductor and give him your ticket.

When you give him your ticket, his ticket clipper will also appear. You need to tap it to open it up, and drag the ticket to within the clipper. Tap the clipper to validate the ticket.

Underground Blossom Walkthrough

you can now enter the train, tap the doors to close them, and away you go to the next level. This guide continues with our Chapter 2 Child Land walkthrough.


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