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Tale of Food Tier List

by RichApr 21st 2023

Tale of Food is a gacha RPG first released in China and Japan, which has now had it's English language release. We take a look at the characters in the game and put together our opinion on who the best are with our Tale of Food Tier List.


Tale of Food Tier List

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It always helps to know who are the best characters in the game, so you can focus some time and effort into acquiring them and also to develop them.

There are tons of characters in Tale of Food, here are our pick of the best in this handy Tale of Food Tier List.

Tale of Food Tier List

SS: Buddha's Temptation, Dezhou Chicken, Peking Duck, Yipin Pot, Suckling Pig Roast, Eight Immortals, Lianhua Blood Duck

- The characters we've selected for our SS Tier are all top tier character in the game, so maybe hard to obtain. Our #1 character is Buddha's Temptation with it's great attacking stats, and you can read more about him below.

S: Gold Chicken Shred, Candied Gingko Nut, Dinghu's Veggie, Sichuan Hotpot, Cured Meat Platter, Peking Duck Tianwei

- The characters we've selected for our S Tier are again all top tier characters, but are ones that we favor a little less over the ones we have selected for our SS Tier in this Tier List.

A: Yangzhou Rice, Har-gow, Harbin Roast Pork, Squirrel Fish, Fuli Chicken, Dongpo Pork, Kung Pao Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Chicken-Shroom Pot, Braised Pork Hock, Beggar's Chicken, Shredded Jerky, Chili Fishhead, Honey Char-siu,

- The characters in our A Tier are all second tier characters in the game and should be relatively easy to acquire as you play through the game, use them until you get something better.

B: Four-joy Meatballs, West Lake Fish, Dragon Beard Candy, Stinky Perch

- The characters in our B Tier are all second tier characters in the game and should be relatively easy to acquire as you play through the game, use them until you get something better.

This is not an exclusive list of all of the characters in the game. But is a list of the best ones. If a character has not made this list, then it's either been made available after our list was last updated, or we we would consider it less than a B rank, in which case it could be a team member that you would later look to replace with a character from one in the tier list above.

Tier List Explained

SS Tier: There are the characters that we consider to be the best in the game. If you are lucky enough to get these, you should on leveling them up and making them as powerful as you can.

S Tier: In some cases very similar to SS Tier characters, but maybe lacking in something, these are still great characters none the less, and in some cases could be argued that they are better than some SS Tier characters.

A Tier: These are really good characters to hold in your team while you are waiting for something better. They will still be very strong, especially in the early stages of the game, that will help you get unlock loads of stuff and get rewards that could eventually lead to higher tier characters.

B Tier: Another tier that should just be temporary in your team, they do however serve some usefulness especially in the early stages of the game, but look to swap them out as soon as something better comes along.

Tale of Food Best Characters

Here is a rundown of some of the best characters in the game from the tier list above. No point in having a tier list without at least having some kind of explanation as to why they are there!

Buddha's Temptation

Buddha's Temptation
Buddha's Temptation

Buddha's Temptation is a particularly strong character, in the game it's rarity is SSR meaning it is part of the most difficult tier of characters to obtain. If you get him during gameplay or during a roll this is definitely a charcter you want to try to upgrade.

Buddha's Temptation is very strong in attack with both high attack and critical attack as well as a fast hit rate. This is a character that will be able to take down a lot of characters easily, especially if teamed with a strong tank to absorb some enemy damage and give Buddha's Temptation a chance to excel.

Dezhou Chicken

Dezhou Chicken is a strong support character which will enhance the other members in your team so only really useful if you already have strong top tier heroes at full strength. With no real weaknesses, Dezhou Chickenis a good all round character, but won't excel on his own or as part of a weak team.

Cured Meat Platter

Cured Meat Platter is another character that is very strong in attack, if you get this hero, make sure you develop it because it will take you far in the game based on it's attack and health alone.

Peking Duck Tianwei

Peking Duck Tianwei is an interesting character, but the chances of getting him right now are pretty slim, especially as he is a Chinese exclusive character! Peking Duck Tianwei is a good overall character strong in both attack and defense.

Tier List of Best Characters According to Class

Let's take a look at character by their individual class to see which ones are the best for you. It's best to have a variety of different class types when building a team so make a varied selection from the list below to help construct your team in Tale of Food with the help of these Tier Lists below.

100% Hit Class Best Tier Characters

Best characters in this category are:

Cured Meat Platter - Always available

Dongbi Dragon Ball - Events (may be region specific)

Anti Heal Class Best Tier Characters

Here are the best characters in this category. The anti heal function prevents an enemy healing in some way:

Peking Duck - Always available

Grilled tiger carp with green onions - Events (may be region specific)

AoE Best Tier Characters

AoE refers to attack all enemies, here are the best characters that have this ability in Tale of Food.

Sweet and sour pork - Global Event Exclusive

Yipin Pot - Always available

Dish of Prosperity - Battling rare dungeon

Longjing Shrimp - Events (may be region specific)

Peony Jelly - Events (may be region specific)

Poplar Nectar - Always available

Xifeng wine - Events (may be region specific)

Tibetan sheep with fish belly - Events (may be region specific)

Fucha cuisine - Always available

Pheasant soup - Events (may be region specific)

Embrace Carp - Limited Events

Bergamot Ribs - Events (may be region specific)

Fengjing Ding Hoof - Events (may be region specific)

Burst Best Tier Characters

Burst refers to the ability for a quick high powered attack, and having one of these characters in your team can be really helpful. Here are the best characters from the burst class in Tale of Food.

Gold Chicken Shred - Always available after Hard 1-4

Suckling Pig Roast - Always available

Eight Immortals - Always available after Hard 17-4

Lianhua Blood Duck - Always available

Sichuan Hotpot - Always available

Control Best Tier Characters

Here are the best characters from the control class in Tale of Food.

Buddha's Temptation - Always available

Support Best Tier Characters

Dezhou Chicken - Always available

Candied Gingko Nut - Always available after beginner missions

Dinghu's Veggie - Always available after Hard 7-4

Tale of Food Tier List Summary

That rounds up our coverage of Tale of Food Tier Lists and the best characters in the game. Remember these lists are just the opinion of the writer, and works better for you may well be other characters. If you are lucky enough to roll a top tier character, level them up to help you get through the game.

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