Survival RPG 2 - Temple ruins adventure retro 2d
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Survival RPG 2 - Temple ruins adventure retro 2d

Version: 3.3.2 | In-Game Purchases

Survival RPG 2: The temple ruins is the sequel of the first retro game : Survival RPG - The lost treasure. It is a free 2d classic rpg retro game (role playing games). It is a survival and exploration RPG adventure game that combines quests, mine, craft in a 2d fantasy retro style pixel art universe.

On the first game, you were exploring for a lost treasure. After many combats, be a forager, crafting and adventures, you came back victorious.

Now, you heard rumors of a magical artifact that lies among the temple ruins. So you decide to embark on a new journey full of adventures in this retro games leading you to a mysterious temple in the jungle.

In order to succeed, you will have to explore different environments: desert,jungle,forest,dungeon, complete quests, solve puzzles, help other characters, become a forager expert and gather, mine and craft items, and fight monsters in this retro rpg game (role playing game). Adventures await you.


- 7 story chapters that will bring you to the artifact.
- Exploration of more than 30 dungeons, caverns, jungles, temples and huts.
- More than 180 items to gather, mine and craft
- Multiple roleplay quests and characters to help you in your journey.
- 70 crafting recipes that you will unlock during your adventure and exploration.
- Craft tools to help you
- Cut trees with an axe
- Use shovel for different tasks
- Create candles or lantern to see in dark dungeons
- Use pickaxes to gather different minerals
- And many more...
- Discover hidden items
- Forage for food and become the forager expert
- Find hidden treasures with treasure maps
- Fight more than 35 different monsters and bosses
- Explore and solve multiple puzzles
- Classic retro old school RPG style
- Free RPG games (role playing games)

Enjoy Survival RPG: Temple ruins. A free 2d retro rpg adventure game, explore multiple environment, forest, jungle, temple and dungeon, gather and forager items, survive and find the artifact!

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